Death Stranding coming to PC: what will Sony's big step lead to?

After a troubled development of Metal Gear Solid V, the famous game designer Hideo Kojima came out of Konami's arms to attempt the ransom autonomously. This process began as we all know with the creation of its own development studio: Kojima Productions. His new journey began with an idea in mind that meant everything to him, since it was his new creation, to be brought to today's market: Death stranding, a dark, experimental and uncertain project, which did not reveal anything about itself except a strong authorship. Teaser after teaser the attention of the fans grew more and more, after all everyone knew they were dealing with a professional of the trade, with the father of Metal Gear. Finally, after an exhausting wait, a concrete release date has been revealed to us, and now closer than ever: November 8, 2019.

As this approaches, rumors about a version of the Death Stranding for PC they started to thicken more and more, until they became a statement. The title of Hideo Kojima will remain a PS4 exclusive only until the summer of 2020, because then the work will be republished through a port on PC from 505 Games. While the official review of Death Stranding on our site, we want to talk to you about what the announcement of an exclusive PlayStation on the computer market entails, also bringing with it the proprietary graphics engine of Sony, Tenth Engine.

The lifeblood of several works: the Decima Engine

Il Decima Engine is the engine patented by Sony, which is its exclusivity and property. This has evolved over time and has allowed the great S to publish many industry masterpieces, which particularly excel in their graphics and technique. Let's talk about titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Until Dawn and Horizon Zero Dawn. Beyond the personal tastes regarding the games just mentioned, their graphics sector can only be praised. The visual impact of all the works developed with the Decima Engine it proved amazing upon release and is still quite contemporary today.

Two of the products we have mentioned have one very important thing in common: the development study. Let's talk about Guerrilla Games, the software house that ultimately gave birth to Tenth Engine, which has been used however also in works related to other development environments, as well as Death stranding. What is about to happen is that the engine that until now has animated our screens exclusively on PS4, will also arrive on our PCs, in addition to having a very good chance of landing on PS5 as well.

This move is rather important for Sony, because the entertainment giant has once again unbuttoned itself about today's computer market, as has previously happened with its cloud gaming service: PlayStation Now.

Death Stranding coming to PS Now?

Considering what is declared by Hideo Kojima regarding the arrival of his new work on PC systems, we can be quite sure that this will not be exclusive to the service PS Now di Sony. Our computers will have the pleasure of running the majestic work with their own computing power, without relying in any way on cloud gaming. Nonetheless, this is not to say that players will not be given a double chance.

Se Death Stranding even reached even up PS Now, Sony perhaps he would play his best card at the moment, to be able to grab new users potentially interested in his service. If you think about it, the game has been shown to be quite detailed and breathtaking in its graphics and not all machines will be able to afford to start and run it without the slightest difficulty. Furthermore, the title will be released at full price again on PC, and an arrival on the cloud gaming service could allow users to enjoy the product at reduced costs, without also having to resort to the horrendous piracy that surrounds the world outside the consoles.

We must consider that currently PS Now has several shortcomings, such as the blocking of the resolution that does not exceed HD (1280 × 720), and the speech related to cloud gaming that is not approved by all users. By offering both possibilities though, Sony may be able to fight and win a war in enemy territory, Microsoft's environment.

A declaration of war on Microsoft?

L'uscita di Death Stranding on PC, which breaks its PS4 exclusivity, can be seen as more than just a port. In fact, we have the first title developed by a studio in front of us Sony that comes out of the PlayStation to reach new horizons, and this can be seen as a real challenge launched towards the Redmond house: Microsoft.

The game will not be released on Xbox One, or at least there are no official plans for a second port, and the work is certainly ready to dominate the virtual shelves of all computers, whether this is also available in the cloud or not. That the second release is designed to provide the best possible experience with the power of PCs is beyond any doubt, but step straight into the territory of Microsoft products and dominating it is definitely one of the plans of Sony.

By managing to grab the users of PC players, and perhaps by obtaining several new subscribers to the service of PS Now, the big S could get the most even at the end of this generation. All this could be configured as a test, a test, which can make the publisher understand if the PC market is attractive for the arrival of new PlayStation exclusives in the more or less near future.

What can the PC market give to Sony exclusives?

We have already made it clear that a normal exit of Death Stranding in digital, and a possible arrival of the title on PS Now, can guarantee a Sony several considerable advantages, from new sources of income, to the victory of the fateful console war (and which is now clearly moving on to new fronts). If you think about it, however, Sony now faces a big crossroads. The software house can in fact decide to bring all - or almost - its exclusives to the PC market, renouncing the sale of individual consoles as it has decided to do. Microsoft products in favor of software. However, it is not certain that this is not an isolated case dictated by the will of Hideo Kojima, and that it can rarely happen again.

The arrival of the titles Sony on multiple platforms it is certainly good for consumers, just think that it offers a possible choice that until now has been denied to us. If you think about it though, see the exclusives PlayStation 4 to shine again thanks to a new technical and graphic sector, it is certainly a dream that comes true for a large slice of the market, especially if you think about the technologies offered by the next generation.

We do not know if Death Stranding will join this fast-growing ranks, but the stocks of Sony they may soon start bringing native ray tracing with them, as reported PlayStation 5 will allow it. This feature would easily satisfy the PC market user who has the right hardware, and would therefore make the ports even more fruitful.

And you, what do you think? What in your opinion will be the next move of Sony? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we refer you to our special on the history of the game designer Hideo Kojima.

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