Deadpool - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]

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Deadpool - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Deadpool's Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



The first is free!
Move your sculpted butt.
Waiting for company
Make a thousand pancakes.
The second is also free ...
Be nice.
What a match!
Play with Deadpool junk.
49 in 5
Go from the studio entrance to the meeting room without dying in 5 minutes.
The bouncy castle
Complete "First Assignment".
Prova a prendermi
Defeat Arclight without taking damage from his violent attacks.
Drunk view
Use all three switches, defeat the two phasers and chase Vertigo in 60 seconds.
Now or never
Complete "Risks To Take".
Forbidden to surrender
Slap Wolverine several times.
Curiosity about Cable
Find out "Who the fuck is Cable?".
Total silence
Stealth kill 4 enemies in the tower square.
Caribou shoe
Complete "Genosha".
Fish out of water
Cross the toxic river without falling into it, without touching the water and without taking damage.
Interact with all the ladies in the surprise party room.
Lady Deadpool
Complete "Landing in Prison".
Fair champion
Set a record at the carnival.
Excavations in progress
Find 11 treasure chests in the dark inside the tombs.
ARRR, pirates!
Overcome "Death, Honey" while wearing the pirate hat.
Beyond death
Complete "Death, Honey".
More and more Deadpool!
Collect all DP points and bathroom ammo.
Death to technology!
Shoot the copier in the bridge offices.
I open every door!
Complete "Break In!" in 10 seconds.
JR's great adventure
Complete "The Road to Victory".
Let's go!
Overcome floating debris without falling.
Get this, Wolverine!
Complete "The Gates of MALEEE!" from start to finish without dying.
It's a trap!
Achieve a combo of 75 or more as you battle the stairs in "The Gates of MALEEE!".
A left joke
Complete "The Gates of MALEEE!".
No Deadpool? No party!
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.
I can? Please!
In "Genosha", reach the fan using only hammers and pulse rifles.
Tacos savior
Collect 100 tacos.
Throw the safety, the grenade does not
Kill 15 enemies while holding an activated grenade.
In the hall, breaking into you
Make a combo over 40 before they block the elevators.
Quiet and deadly
Stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister's lair without being spotted.
I am Deadpool
Complete "The Gates of MALEEE!" from start to finish using only swords and guns.
No balance
Purchase all player upgrades.
Cold blood
Beat an entire wave with a combo in a gold challenge map.
Delusion of omnipotence
Fully upgrade all weapons.
Look at me, mom!
Make a 300 hit combo.
Deadpool? Pure madness.
Complete the game on Ultra Violence.
Do you have a lot of free time?
Complete "Landing in Prison" without fighting back.
OK, now you can sell the game
Collect all trophies.


Deadpool's Secret Trophies

Do not suffer damage on the waterslide.
This game is rigged!
Shoot everything from the Wheel of Madness (balloons and cow).
Eheheh, good times.
End of the game!
Stealth kill Sinister in prison with the sword.
Repeated massacre
Die 10 times in a row on the floating stairs.
Only if he stops breathing
Set the speech volume to zero.
Is patience a virtue?
Choose to wait the entire line at the carnival.
Gold rush
Complete five gold challenges.
Up the shields
Complete a Gold or Silver Challenge by counterattacking at least 25 times.

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