Deadpool: Treasure Chest Guide [Excavation in Progress]

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Deadpool: Treasure Chest Guide [Excavation in Progress]


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective Deadpool's "Digging in Progress".

Find 11 treasure chests in the dark inside the tombs

This Achievement / Trophy must be unlocked in the "Death, treasure" level where you have to follow Death and stay in the light to avoid being attacked by the darkness. There are 11 treasure chests to be found and they are quite simple to find as they are somehow highlighted in the darkness by a bright red border.

Try to hurry up and stay as close as possible to Death, this way when you stop to collect the chests you can quickly get back in his wake and suffer little damage. Each time you open a chest, a counter will tell you where you are.

If you miss any, you can always start over from a checkpoint located just before the start of this area. Here is a video showing the location of all the chests to be collected. Result unlocked !!!

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