Deadpool: How To Do The 300 Hit Combo [Look At Me, Mom]

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Deadpool: How To Do The 300 Hit Combo [Look At Me, Mom]


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective "Look at me, Mom!" by Deadpool.

Make a 300 hit combo

I would say that it is really the case to start with a good: "buhahahahahahahahhahahahah". I mean, in short, asking to perform a 300-hit combo and calling the result "Look at me, mom" has something of a really disruptive thing. No, because, if and when you succeed, you too can say: "Look at me, Mom". You will have done it the first time you did 2 meters without falling off your bike, or when you jumped into the sea, or the first time you pooped in the potty by yourself, why not do it now?

Leaving that poor introduction aside, let's get to our trophy / goal. Making a 300-hit combo is certainly not easy, but luckily a spot has been discovered where you can also do it using the pad with your feet (God what a vision, with the summer heat I don't dare imagine the aroma with which the pad would be seasoned). Here's how to proceed.

Before starting I remind you that our Faith has already prepared the complete guide to unlock all Deadpool Achievements and Trophies, do not miss it.


Method 1: The Road to Victory level

Load up the "The Road to Victory" level a and get to the point shown in the video (it is about 5 minutes after the start). It is important to play on Veteran difficulty, because at lower levels the giant would die before reaching 300 hits (only if you have no damage boost you can try it on lower difficulty). Also remember that you will need to have the UZI shotgun and submachine guns fully upgraded and loaded with ammo, otherwise this method will fail. At the indicated point, lure the biggest enemy and the other smaller one into the bathroom, then exit immediately and you will see that, due to a glitch in the game, the fool and his friend will get stuck on the door.

Now all you have to do is unload all the shots of the shotgun and the machine guns on that huge chicken, up to bring the combo to +300. Result unlocked

Here is a video showing the whole process


Method 2 - Genosha level
This is also a good method, certainly longer but also easier to perform. Set the difficulty to "Ultra Violence" and load up the Genosha level. After slapping Wolverine well you will meet the big enemy that you will see in the video. Use the Nunchaku (batons) which must NOT be upgraded (otherwise you will kill him before reaching 300 hits). Keep hitting him until you reach the 300 hits of the combo. Video for you

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