Deadpool: guide to upgrade weapons to the maximum

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Deadpool: guide to upgrade weapons to the maximum


Okay, he's so cool and macho that he could get away with even fighting with a single cotton swab, but you don't want to miss the pleasure of pounding Deadpool's enemies with his fully upgraded weapons, do you?

The weapons to upgrade are three melee weapons and 4 firearms, for a total of 7 weapons available to our favorite anti-hero. By continuing to use the various weapons during the game, new updates will gradually become available, to buy them you just need to spend the BP points accumulated over the course of the game.

By upgrading all the weapons you will also unlock this Objective / Trophy

Delusion of omnipotence- Fully upgrade all weapons.

To do first we remind you that you can make your load of BP points by following the guide to earn infinite BP. As we have just said in fact, once you have unlocked the upgrades you will need to have the BP necessary to buy them, so take advantage of the procedure explained in the guide to become a "rich" Deadpool and unlock everything in the shortest possible time.

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