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    Deadpool: guide to unlockable costumes

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    Deadpool: guide to unlockable costumes


    Deadpool needs to change his clothes. After all, a macho like him certainly cannot limit himself to always walking around with the usual onesie, which is why in the game there are extra costumes to unlock and wear in Infinite mode.

    Before discovering what they are and how to get the unlockable Deadpool costumes for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, I remind you that in the Deadpool cheats and guides tab there are other guides for this game, such as the complete video solution or the guide to unlock all trophies / achievements.

    Here are Deadpool's unlockable clothes, remember they can only be used in the Infinite game mode:

    Costume   How to unlock
    Deadpool Ballerina  
    Gold Medal in Great White News HQ
    Deadpool Chef (cuoco)   Gold Medal in Citadel Courtyard
    Classic Deadpool   Medaglia oro in The Watching Sentinel
    Classic X-Men Uniform   Gold Medal In Beneath the Streets
    Deadpool French Nurse   Gold Medal In Magneto's Prison
    Ultimate Deadpool   Gold medal in Catacombs of Genosha
    X-Men Costume   Gold Medal in Office Spaces



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