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    Deadly premonition: guide to unlock bonus weapons

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    Deadly premonition: guide to unlock bonus weapons

    Whether it's a gun or a chainsaw, as long as it hurts


    In Deadly premonition it is possible to unlock bonus weapons that will be very useful since they have infinite ammo and do not wear out with use. Here is the guide that will help you to get them all.

    357 Magnum: Successfully complete sidequest # 11: "Snack for Willie", with all seven bones in your inventory. So, find Forrest and Willie. Willie will take the bones. Find Forrest's truck, and get the bones back.
    10 mm machine gun: Successfully complete sidequest # 14: "Map to Psychic Spot A".
    12ga CQB rifle: Successfully complete sidequest # 15: "Map to Psychic Spot B".
    Ax: Go back to the Other World sheriff's office.
    Chainsaw: Re-enter Harry's Mansion Other World.
    Lawn mower: Return to the Altro Mondo Community Center.
    Sword of Light: Successfully complete sidequest # 39: "Top Collector".
    RPG: Successfully complete sidequest # 16: "Map to Psychic Spot C".
    Wesley special: Successfully complete sidequest # 50: "Ghost House Treasure".
    Key: successfully complete sidequest # 29: "Engagement Ring".

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