Dead Space 2 - How to Get Infinite Credits [360-PS3]

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Dead Space 2 - How to Get Infinite Credits [360-PS3]

A trick to get extra credits.

Procedure 1
Infinite credits, nodes and semiconductors
In chapter 15 the last room contains a shop and an upgrade table, as well as a save point. Exit and go back down the hall until you find a locked room that opens using a knot. Upon entering you will find two Nodes, a Ruby semiconductor and other random objects. Collect everything and return to the save point. Save the game and reload the game from that point. Now, if you go back to the locked room, you will find the items you collected earlier again. Repeat the process as many times as you like. It is possible to use this trick even with closed rooms found in chapters 6 and 7. WARNING! Could be patched.

Procedure 2
Easy credits from ATM distributors
After breaking through the government sector with the drill, on the first floor, approach the ATM type dispenser and hit it with the melee attack for extra credits.

Procedure 3 (paid DLC required)
Let's say it right away: this trick works, but to be able to implement the mega-scam of millions of credits You must have one of the two (paid) DLCs available for Dead Space 2 called Martial Law and Supernova.

Thanks to these DLCs, in fact, you will have the Detonator available at any time in the Store, which will be completely free for you.

How to get large amounts of credits?

Simple. Grab the Detonator from any Store, then equip it, shoot the mines and collect them. Now go back to the store and resell both the Detonator and the mines collected to collect the credits related to the sale (only the mines are worth 200 credits each). Once this is done, you can go back to the Store purchases screen and grab a new Detonator, always FREE.

Repeat the process as many times as you like to earn all the credits you need.

NOTE: as written at the beginning in order to do this you will need a paid DLC. I remind you that these glitches are often corrected, so I do not recommend downloading the DLC on purpose to take advantage of this trick.

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