Dead Space 2 - Guide to weapons in the game

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Dead Space 2 - Guide to weapons in the game

Let's take a closer look at Isaac's endowment.


In this guide we will take a closer look at the weapons we will use in the horror and deep space of Dead Space 2, as well as see where you can find the weapon and ammo diagrams of each. Who knows if we will also find some diapers ...

Weapon and ammunition are available at the shop. A good weapon as the hit is almost instantaneous. It is also possible to change the orientation of the cutter, which will allow us to put a little imagination in the dismemberment of enemies. His special ability is to set enemies on fire by making them burn slowly ..... bhuhuhuhhhahahahahah! Okay, next weapon

Available in the gun shop. Ammo Diagram available at Unitology Plaza, end of chapter 3.
The Javelin pistol deals double damage per shot (impales first, then strikes) making it very effective.
With the shock-spears, it is also possible to set an ambush for enemies if you know in advance the position where they will come from, but you will be limited by the use of a single spear. A weapon to be used calmly and without fail.

Available in the gun shop. Ammunition diagram available in the Unitology storage area, in the middle of chapter 5.
The LINE GUN is arguably the best weapon to use for amputating entire hordes of necromorphs. Essentially, it hurls a horizontal band of energy that affects everything in its path. Alternate fire will allow you to place a timed mine on virtually any surface.

Weapon blueprint available at the beginning of chapter 3 while the ammunition diagram in the middle of chapter 6.
The Pulse Rifle is comparable to a standard assault rifle. While speed of fire and accuracy are its strengths, this weapon has its weak point in its meager level of damage, unless you use the grenade launcher with alternate fire.
It is useful for hitting long-range targets that require a certain accuracy, preferable on smaller and less leathery enemies.

The weapon schematic is located in the gravity room of the bypass chamber in chapter 5. The ammunition schematic is at the bottom of the maintenance shaft in chapter 7.
Upgrade it with the DUR and DMG nodes. This way the blade will have a wider range and cause more damage. By holding it in front of you, you can walk forward and take down lawnmower-style enemies.
The weak point of this weapon is the low rate of fire which could create problems in situations in which you will be called to respond to enemy fire.

The weapon schematic is in the church leader's office (before meeting Daina), in chapter 5. The ammo schematic is in the transformer room with the workbench in chapter 8.
It is probably the best of the new weapons proposed in this second chapter. In practice it is a grenade launcher that will allow you to throw adhesive laser mines, excellent to use in any RETRY when you already know the point from where the enemies will jump out. With alternate fire you can collect unexploded mines in order to reuse them. The special node extends the range of explosions.

The weapon diagram is at the beginning of chapter 6, where the laundromat is located. The ammo scheme is in the Stalker cargo room (beyond the Guardian), after Isaac leaves the tram to check the track in Chapter 9.

The weapon schematic is in the last classroom before the schoolyard in chapter 6. The ammo schematic is in chapter 9, where Ellie's old crew is barricaded, on a balcony of the fuel tower.
The flamethrower, unlike the previous chapter aboard the Ishimura, turns out to be more useful on the Titan Moon Sprawl given the scarce presence of empty areas. In air-filled environments on the colony, the flamethrower can be used more easily by "igniting" enemies and using them as a light source.
Compared to the Ripper, however, the flamethrower is less effective and will ask you for a large amount of ammo to take them down, although seeing the Necromorphs writhing in flames is quite satisfying.

The weapon schematic is in a locker at the top of the maintenance pod in Chapter 7. The ammo schematic is in the ship's centrifuge chamber in Chapter 10. Get it before activating the machine, as you need to be in Zero Gravity to reach it.
The FORCE GUN is useful for both distances, both short and long range, but the long reload times could be a problem in the most hectic situations.

The weapon schematic is in the room blocked by the chapter 7 node (before going outside to line up the solar panels). The ammo schematic is in the zero gravity zone of chapter 11. Check the outside of the exit tunnel, the floor floats in space where the tunnel connects to the rock.

The CONTACT BEAM works exactly like the one seen in the first Dead Space, with one exception: once fully upgraded, the weapon can put enemies in stasis with alternate fire, making this weapon a true must-have on the most difficult levels. . 

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