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    Dead Space 2 - Easter Eggs and Secrets

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    Dead Space 2 - Easter Eggs and Secrets

    The secrets hidden in deep space

    Also for Dead Space 2 it's time to take a look at the secrets and easter eggs hidden in the game by the developers. Are you comfortable? Let's start!

    Hidden Messages of the Necromorphs
    You may have noticed that in the game menus by moving the analog stick it is possible to shift the frame slightly. Going to look in the corners you will find some secret messages, here they are all:

    Main Menu (top left): "In the end, it all boils down to one little thing"
    Main menu (bottom right): "Unity after death, unity forever"
    Single Player Menu (top left): "Your body now, our body later, one body forever"
    Multiplayer Menu (top center): "It's not over between us, you can't run away from me forever"
    Multiplayer Menu (bottom center): "Make Us One"
    Quick Match Menu (bottom right): "We must believe in him and bow to his will and he will save us"
    Charts menu (right): "The answer is in Chicxulub"
    Extra Menu (left): "Welcome back Nicole Brennan"
    Controls Menu (bottom right): "Don't let us fear anything. Death is just a transition to unity"


    More Easter Eggs and secrets
    In addition to these hidden messages, other "surprises" hidden by the developers in the game have also been discovered. We have collected them for you in this video.

    Don't see the video? Click here

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