Dead Island Riptide: guide to get all orange weapons

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Dead Island Riptide: guide to get all orange weapons


Piero! Pierooo! Go back to the house right away or I'll give you the wrench with the nail in front that dad has just prepared!

Guys, I made it playing yesterday, you have to try it! The modified wrench with the spike on the head is really scary. To try...

As you surely already know in Dead Island Riptide the weapons are divided into different groups, and each of these has a different color. It starts with the white weapons (they are the basic ones), passing from the Green and Blue weapons which are a little more powerful, to finish with the Orange weapons (Legendary) which are the most evil and devastating ones ever. Obviously the latter are also the most difficult to find, but there seems to be a trick that allows you to find a different one every time. Here's how to proceed.

In order to take advantage of this glitch of the game you will first have to go to the Mataka village and wait for 5 hours. Don't ask me why !!! Whoever discovered and tested the glitch did it this way, so go to the Mataka village and let the game run without pausing, for 5 hours. This means that you will need to have a wired controller, otherwise your wireless pad will shut down and the game will automatically pause, defeating everything.

After waiting for 5 hours go to the "Fast Travel" point and choose Henderson Ferry Station as your destination. When the loading is finished, return to fast travel and choose Halai Village as your destination.

Once you get there, immediately to your right you will see a metal chest that always contains an orange weapon. Grab it, then repeat the process as many times as you like to get a new Legendary weapon each time.

Here is the video showing this process

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