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    Dead Island Riptide: guide diaries and postcards

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    Dead Island Riptide: guide diaries and postcards


    Dear diary, this morning I combed a zombie with a lawnmower, then another I used to test an airplane turbine as a blender, another wanted at all costs to brush his teeth with my new baseball bat, in the end I satisfied him ...

    In this guide we see, with the help of a video, where all the diaries and postcards which you will need to collect in Dead Island Riptide if you want to unlock these Achievements / Trophies

    The collector - Find 50% of the collectibles.

    Captures - Find all collectibles.

    In total there are 10 Diaries and 15 Postcards to find. By accessing the inventory with the "Select" button you can easily see which ones you have already taken and which ones you are missing. Each collectible is automatically saved as soon as it is collected, so you don't necessarily have to go to the next checkpoint to save your progress.

    Remember that until you use the boat in Chapter 13, you will always have access to all areas of the game to recover any lost collectibles.

    Here are two videos showing, respectively, the location of all the Diaries and all the Postcards.

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