Dead Island Riptide: Guide Dead Zones & Champion Monsters [Hunter]

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Dead Island Riptide: Guide Dead Zones & Champion Monsters [Hunter]


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective Dead Island Riptide "Hunter".

Find and kill all named champion monsters within the dead zones

The champion monsters that you will have to kill in Dead Island Riptide to unlock this achievement are "enhanced" versions of the enemies you will find throughout the game, so get ready for a battle a little more challenging than normal. Killing them will be worth it because you will get a lot of XP and very useful extra weapons as a reward.

Champion monsters are found in special areas of the game called "Dead Zones". The zones are marked on the game map and as soon as you enter one of these zones, a secondary mission will be activated that asks you to kill the champion monster that is in that specific dead zone. The monster will be marked on the map with a purple skull icon.

The dead zones to be found and the relative monsters samples are 13 in total, the first 6 are located in the flooded Jungle, while the remaining 7 are located in Henderson. Below is a video showing the location of all the dead zones and their corresponding champion monsters.

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