Dead Island - Infinite money, diamonds and Molotov cocktails at will

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Dead Island - Infinite money, diamonds and Molotov cocktails at will

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If you need extra money in Dead Island We suggest a mechanism that in this game is valid for practically all objects: if you pick up the object and then leave the area it is in, when you return that object will be in its place again.

Here's an example:
Once you've discovered the City, go to the Warehouse, and grab the hammer and baseball bat. Then, use the Fast Travel feature and go to the Church where you can sell them for around $ 400. Go back to the warehouse, and you will see that the two items are back in place. Repeat this as many times as you like to earn infinite money.

You can also use this method to accumulate diamonds. Once you find the Supermarket inside you can find fridges like the ones you see in this video. In these refrigerators you will find Champagne that you can give to Svetlana in exchange for diamonds. Svetlana is located in the "Diamante" Bungalows (needless to do it on purpose) in the upper right corner (north-east) of the map. In the video you can see that the game is abandoned and then recharged to have the fridges still full of Champagne. However, it is important to exit the main menu, if you just reload the checkpoint there will be no respawn of the objects.

Also thanks to this trick you can also make a good supply of Molotov cocktails
After completing act 3, enter the hotel, and go down the corridors until you reach the room with tables and chairs. There will be around 10 bottles of spirits at the bar that can be collected. These alcohol bottles will reappear in their place if you leave the hotel and then re-enter and return to the bar. Collect as many bottles as you like, then go to Harland who will give you 3 Molotov cocktail for 1 bottles of spirits. Having a stash of Molotov cocktails will come in handy as they can kill multiple zombies in a single area instantly.

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