Dead by Daylight: officially announced the new killer of the game

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Through a video trailer uploaded directly to the company's Youtube profile, the development team Behavior Interactive confirmed the arrival of a new killer inside Dead By Daylight, the popular survival horror video game available for PlayStation 4, Xbox OnePC, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and soon also on new generation consoles thanks to a free upgrade.  The next Dead By Daylight DLC, A Binding of Kin, will introduce the new killer into the game, Twins (The Twins), Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, connected by a very special bond.

The new killer will, for all intents and purposes, consist of two different charactersi, which players will be able to control separately to put the survivors in trouble. Through the skill button, it will be possible to release Victor from his sister's body, so that you can more easily find the other players and put them on the spot. In addition to the new killer, players will have the opportunity to try a new character, Élodie Rakoto.

Here are the main features, published on the game's official website:

  • Added a new killer, The Twins, sister "Charlotte" and brother "Victor")
  • Added a new survivor: Élodie Rakoto
  • Visual updates to Ormond and Junkyard maps
  • Visual update of the hatch and totem pole
  • Visual update on the Gemini lobby

A Binding of Kin is the next chapter of Dead by Daylight. The Twins, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, have formed an emotional bond like no other before. After a life of hardship and suffering, the Entity transformed their love for each other into something truly mysterious and terrifying. The new survivor is Élodie Rakoto. Shrewd, intelligent and resolute, Élodie has spent her life trying to unravel the mystery of her parents' disappearance. Afflicted and filled with guilt, she turned to the occult to find the answers she was desperately seeking.

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