DC Universe Online - How to earn easy XP

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DC Universe Online - How to earn easy XP

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Technically we could talk about XP Infiniti were it not that with this trick discovered just today it is possible to earn only 15 XP at a time. However, the fact remains that you can repeat the process as many times as you want. (until any patch and / or your exhaustion).

We are talking about a level 17 mission, called Trigon's Blood, which takes place in a hospital. Once Zatanna opens the portal and you are able to descend into the elevator shaft, you will find several rooms before you get to the mission boss, Brother Blood. After defeating all the enemies nearby, if you look around the rooms you will notice the presence of several wheelchairs. Destroying a wheelchair will earn you 15 XP points. A few seconds later you will witness the chair respawn, which gives you access to an indefinite amount of XP. As I wrote at the beginning, it is a slow process since you can only earn 15 XP per chair, but being one of the few missions in which there is the respawn of the objects it is still worthy of being mentioned.

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