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    Days Gone - Guide to the Hordes of the Furious

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    In Days Gone you will meet 37 hordes of Furiosi. By eliminating them you will receive money and trust from the field of the relative region and also a lot of XP to buy new skills. It is definitely a good way to unlock all 45 skills and reach confidence level 3 with all fields. Once the story is over they will all be automatically marked on the map, but at this point you will also have better equipment and skills.

    The hordes get bigger with each region, so it means that the first and second regions have smaller hordes, the third will have medium dimensions, up to the fifth and sixth which count hundreds of Furiosi.
    When you are at the fifth Wizard Island camp buy the Chicago Chopper Gun, it is an assault rifle that kills the Furious in one shot and has a lot of ammunition. The explosives are great and you can stock up on grenades from merchants in the fields with a high level of confidence. Keep in mind that at the beginning you will not have good weapons and you will not be able to buy explosives, so adopt the shotgun as a weapon for the first approaches, and as for the bombs you will find some by exploring the map. A horde will only be considered eliminated if all components are killed. The hordes move, during the day they hide in a cave while at night they turn and if you turn up the volume you can even hear them. This means they are never in a fixed place, so in the photos we show, thanking PowerPyx, consider these generic areas.

    Region 1 Cascade - 8 hordes

    Region 2 Belknap - 7 hordes

    Region 3 Lost Lake - 6 hordes

    Region 4 Iron Butte - No hordes

    Region 5 Crater Lake - 3 hordes

    Region 6 Highway 97 - 13 hordes, 12 are in a cave in a Marauder camp

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