Daylight - Trophy List [PS3]

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Daylight - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Daylight Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Collect every reminiscence in one match.
Collect the thirteen cursed photos.
Collect the minimum number of reminiscences in a match.
Lone wolf
Finish the game using only one flare.
Turning over every stone
Collect any reminiscences.
Survive 50 witch attacks.
A brilliant idea
Use a flare to keep a witch at a distance.
Finish the game on Hard mode.
Voluntary resignation
Escape the hospital.
Break out of prison.
Breath of fresh air
Escape the sewers.
Out of the tangle
Escape the forest.
Use a glowing bar to reveal a secret.
Close the circle
Finish the game on any difficulty.
The portrait of health
Finish the game without dying.


Daylight Secret Trophies

Such a mother ...
Confront Dr. Mercer and find out the truth
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