Data connection not working on Android: 7 solutions you can try

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Failing to connect with mobile data suddenly it is an extremely frustrating situation, and sometimes it could even be risky if the error / failure occurs at an inopportune moment. Sometimes, for someone it is easy to deduce what the cause of this problem is, but it seems to many that technology is turning against it.

However, after so many years of using smartphones, there are some useful procedures to be able to understand where is the error that prevents us from navigating through the data network and perform some actions that, with a little luck, will help us solve the problem.

What to do when mobile data doesn't work

Turn airplane mode on and off

At this point you probably already know that the airplane mode is an option that turns off all network connections on your phone, something useful when flying - as its name indicates - but very important when we need to save battery.

While it may seem extremely simple and obvious, the process of activation and deactivation of airplane mode it is usually an effective solution when problems occur while browsing. You just have to pull down the quick settings panel (notification panel) of your mobile and double click on the "Airplane mode" icon.

Check your network settings

If the simpler process doesn't work, maybe the problems are more serious than we could have imagined at the beginning, perhaps we need to take a look at the network settings to verify that they are configured correctly.

One of the first sections to visit when the data isn't working is the section “APN” or access point names. In our APN guide on Android you can see how to configure them step by step depending on your operator.

You also need to check that inside the "SIM and network" settings, the “Preferred Network Type” option is set to 2G / 3G / 4G Auto Mode to get the maximum connection speed. On the other hand, you may need to activate data roaming to get a network signal from your operator.

Also, on Android there is an option that allows you to restrict or completely disable mobile data once a certain amount of data has been consumed. If you have enabled this option, it is possible that the mobile phone has automatically disconnected from the data network to avoid consuming more than allowed and, therefore, it is not possible to continue browsing.

Finally, if you've made changes to your network settings, and can't use your data connection, but don't know exactly what you've changed, you can at any time reset the settings to restore the default values ​​and make sure that everything will work as before. This option is available in the "Backup and reset" or "Recovery options" section, depending on the phone used, in the system settings.

Restart your mobile

If the airplane mode option didn't work and your network settings are configured correctly, that might be a good idea resort to the traditional solution: restart the phone. Once the terminal has restarted, check if the data connection is working.

Make sure you haven't consumed all your data

Either because you watch a lot of movies on Youtube, or because a background application has devoured all the megs of your rate, prima di continue you should check if you have exceeded your monthly limit on your data plan. You can do this directly from your carrier's application or in the system settings, in the "Data usage" section, which shows the apps that used the most data during the last billing cycle, and the quantity mega exact.

Check your SIM card

Problems could be caused from a hardware failure and that the software has nothing to do with it. One solution you can try is that of remove the tray from the SIM card and make sure it is seated correctly, or if your mobile phone has a Dual SIM slot but you only use one card, make sure it is in the main slot. In the article linked below you will find lots of useful tips when the mobile data network is not available.

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Contact your telephone operator

When none of the previous solutions worked, I'm afraid it's time to contact the telephone operator. It is very likely that they will be able to determine the error and offer you a more concrete and effective solution. You will find your carrier's customer service phone number on their website, although in some cases it is possible to contact them via the mobile application.

Hard reset last chance

If none of our recommendations worked for you, it's best to cut your head off and "try" with a full device reset. If it is not a software problem this procedure will prove useless. Before carrying out this procedure, I strongly recommend that you make a backup of all the files that are on your smartphone. Once that's done, we can reset our Android phone.

And if none of our advice worked ...

Maybe your phone is badly damaged. If it is under warranty, we recommend that you contact the shop or seller where you purchased it and request a repair if necessary, or even change it if possible.

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