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    Darksiders 2 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Darksiders 2 - Trophy List [PS3]



    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Darksiders II

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



    A sad harvest
    Unlock the Reaper form.
    Hats off
    Defeat K. the Evil.
    Bring Death to level 30.
    Time to eat
    Level up your first owned weapon.
    Do ut des
    Give an item to a friend.
    Full potential
    Unlock all combat moves and power-ups.
    Strolling in the demon park
    Complete the game on any difficulty level.
    Side adventure
    Complete all side missions.
    Your first reset.
    Is there anyone else?
    Complete The Trial by Fire.
    Open all Tombs of the Dead.
    For my brother
    Complete the game on NORMAL difficulty.
    A true Knight
    Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.
    Unlock all.


    Darksiders II Secret Trophies

    Raven carrion
    Defeat Father Corvo.
    Dust to dust
    Defeat the Guardian.
    Clipped wings
    Defeat the Archon.
    It's not over
    Defeat Samael.
    Annihilated souls
    Defeat the Grim Host.
    The big boss
    Defeat Absalom.
    Spooky touch
    Acquire Deadly Bite.
    I've been good?
    Gain Access to the Void.
    Tear over time
    Get Access to Time.
    It looks familiar
    Get Redemption.
    Till death do Us part
    Get the Soul Separator.
    At your comand
    Obtain the Interdiction stone.
    Triplo Lindy
    Perform 3 different dips in the Foundry.
    Fire of the Mountain
    Complete Fire of the Mountain.
    Tears of the Mountain
    Complete Tears of the Mountain.
    Complete GnoMAD.
    Move a Mountain
    Complete Move a Mountain.
    Heart of the Mountain
    Complete Heart of the Mountain.
    Tree of Life
    Complete Tree of Life.
    The Lord of Bones
    Complete The Lord of Bones.
    The Toll of Kings
    Complete The Toll of Kings.
    The Court of Bones
    Defeat Basileus.
    The Book of the Dead
    Complete The Book of the Dead.
    City of the Dead
    Complete City of the Dead.
    The root of Corruption
    Open the Well of Souls.
    Arafel's wand
    Complete Arafel's Wand.
    Supreme geek
    Unlock the ultimate ability in one of the trees.
    Spoiled for choice
    Equip chosen items in all slots.
    The Entity of Heresy
    Complete The Entity of Heresy.
    The Mad Queen
    Complete The Mad Queen.
    The Lord of the Black Stone
    Complete The Lord of the Black Stone.
    A tough guy
    Defeat the four creatures Thane designated.
    Complete Lost Relics.
    I have a gift for you
    Defeat the Arbiter of Souls.
    Buffet at will
    Complete Stone on Stone.
    First use of Quick Move.
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