Dark Souls II - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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Dark Souls II - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Dark Souls II Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Inner me
Claim the flesh and return as undead
Welcome to Dark Souls
Die for the first time
Supreme weapon
Reinforce a weapon to the limit
Gesture master
Learn all the gestures
Master of Witchcraft
Learn all the sorceries
Master of Miracles
Learn all miracles
Master of pyromancy
Learn all pyromancies
Master of the evil eye
Learn all the evil eyes
Selfless donor
Reach the limit of devotion to a Covenant
Dark soul
Collect all trophies

Dark Souls II Secret Trophies

Last Giant
Defeat the Last Giant
Bright pact
Discover the Brighter Pact
Guardian Pact
Discover the Covenant of Sentinels
Bloody pact
Discover the Bloodlust Covenant
Disciplined pact
Discover the Covenant of Disciplined
Biting pact
Discover the Pact of rodents
Thunderous pact
Discover the Thunderous Pact
Ancient pact
Discover the Covenant of the Ancients
Valiant pact
Discover the Covenant of Champions
Abyssal Pact
Discover the Pact of the Abyss
Ring of the King
Get the King's Ring
Ancient dragon
Obtain the Heart of the Ash Mist
Bonfire of the Sinner
Light the primal bonfire of the Pinnacle of the Sinner
Bonfire of Forte Ferreo
Light the primordial bonfire of Forte Ferreo
Bonfire of the Gorge
Light the primal bonfire of the Black Throat
Bonfire of Pietralucente
Light the primeval bonfire in Tseldora's Brightstone Quarry
Knight of the Mirror
Defeat the Mirror Knight
Defeat Vendrick
Unusual map
Light all the flames on the Majula map
Change of clothes
Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear
The population of Majula increases
Great Sword of the Moon
Inherit Benhart's equipment from Jugo
Defender of the fort
Inherit Captain Drummond's equipment
Inherit Mirrah's Lucatiel equipment
Life as a blacksmith
Inherit the McDuff Manosalda equipment
Talkative miser
Inherit Gilligan della Scala's equipment
Head shot
Inherit the equipment of the Head of Vengarl
Heir to the throne
See the ending
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