Dark Souls 3: Guide to Unlock ALL Gestures [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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Dark Souls 3: Guide to Unlock ALL Gestures [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


As you surely already know if you have played the previous chapters of the series, gestures in Dark Souls 3 are practical means of communicating with other players in the multiplayer component of the game. In this guide we see how to unlock and learn all gestures Dark Souls III, also known by many as "emotes".

In Dark Souls 3 there are 33 gestures in total, but 7 of these are available from the beginning of the game then in reality you will only have to learn 26 gestures. By learning all the gestures you will also unlock the "Expression Master" trophy / achievement.

Gestures are unlocked in different ways, mainly you will learn them by talking to other characters (NPCs) or by completing particular missions for them. Below is a video showing it how to get, one by one, all the gestures of Dark Souls 3, followed by the timeline indicating the exact minute of the movie where each gesture is shown:

[minuto 0:05] Rest
[minute 0:30] Collapse
[minuto 0:53] Hurrah!
[minuto 1:45] Beckon
[minuto 3:56] Curl up
[minuto 8:11] Prayer
[minuto 11:48] Welcome
[minuto 14:01] Toast
[minuto 14:01] Sleep
[minuto 17:20] Darkmoon Loyalty
[minuto 20:33] Proper Bow
[minuto 26:42] Legion Etiquette
[minuto 27:07] Rejoice
[minuto 27:07] Prostration
[minuto 34:04] Dignified Bow
[minute 34:44] Duel Bow
[minuto 36:20] By my sword
[minuto 37:59] Applause
[minuto 42:03] Patches Squat
[minuto 42:35] Quiet Resolve
[minuto 43:29] My thanks
[minuto 50:52] Stretch out
[minuto 51:08] Call Over
[minuto 53:01] Praise the Sun
[minuto 54:13] Silent Ally
[minuto 59:00] Path of the Dragon

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