Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Old Demon KING [Boss Walkthrough]

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Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Old Demon KING [Boss Walkthrough]


Let's see how to defeat all the bad guys Dark Souls 3: let's give the Old Demon King his deserved (eternal) rest. 

In this guide we see how to beat one of the fearsome bosses in Dark Souls III. For all the other bosses and other guides on the game, don't forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

How to kill the Old Demon King:

  • Recommended character level: 50+
  • Weapon used: Broadsword
  • Achievement / Trophy unlocked: Old Demon King

Below is a video showing the best strategy to beat this boss, followed by some tips to consider:

The Old Demon KING is the ninth boss of Dark Souls III.

This is an optional boss in the game that is located in a hidden area. From where you fought Wolnir, go back to the rope bridge. Hit the ropes of the bridge to destroy it, then climb down to the side where the battle against Wolnir took place.

Over there you will find a bonfire and an area with large burning trees. the Old Demon King boss is behind this area.

The boss uses a large hammer. After you take away a third of his health he will start burning and using fire attacks. Always try to stay under him or behind him, his attacks are powerful but also very slow. If you are attacked between his legs many of his attacks will fail, when he charges one of these attacks he will be vulnerable for a few seconds, so take the opportunity to strike.

Meteors are his strongest attack, land a couple of hits while he loads the meteors and then immediately roll away as this inflicts massive damage.

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