Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Nameless King [Boss Walkthrough]

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Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Nameless King [Boss Walkthrough]


Let's see how to defeat all the bad guys Dark Souls 3: the hour of the Nameless King has come. 

In this guide we see how to beat one of the fearsome bosses in Dark Souls III. For all the other bosses and other guides on the game, don't forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

How to kill the Nameless King:

  • Recommended character level: 99+
  • Weapon used: Broadsword + Havel's Greatshield
  • Achievement / Trophy unlocked: The Nameless Kings

Below is a video showing the best strategy to beat this boss, followed by some tips to consider:

The Nameless King is an optional boss which can be found in the Archdragon Peak area after ringing the great bell. 

This boss is very challenging, one of the most difficult. if you decide to face it, a Great Shield is absolutely recommended. The one used in the video is obtained by killing an enemy near the area where the Unnamed King is located (follow the path to the right of the bell and go up the ladder).

Keep your gear loss below 70% so you can roll faster and regain stamina sooner. Health will be an issue in the second part of the discount, so make sure you bring at least 10 Estus flasks (15 would be better) and be level 100 or higher with as many healing potions as possible. Remember that you can also take on this boss online with the help of a friend.

Phase 1 of the battle

In the first phase, the boss rides a dragon, but once you learn its attack pattern, you will have no problem moving on to the next phase. Aim for the head for maximum damage, stay under it as much as possible, in this world most melee attacks fail. Do not go near the feet, as it often starts flying and spitting fire on the ground. Whenever it flies, run away immediately to get away from the fire, don't parry with the shield, it won't do much good.

Phase 2 of the battle

This is the hardest part of the battle where the shield will certainly come in handy. He will be super aggressive, with very quick and long range attacks, he will kill you with 2-3 hits.

Lock the target and parry his attacks with the shield, then attack 1 time and repeat, always staying as close to him as possible. As he progresses through the fight he will begin to make heavy use of combos and shots that cannot be blocked. He will usually throw 2-3 fast attacks or 1 more powerful, so you have a second to hit him once or recharge his health. Hopefully you can stun him after a couple of hits and stab him to cause big damage.

Be patient, take a good look at the video proposed above and, perhaps, you will succeed.

Frequently asked questions and answers

In the first phase learn to dodge his lightning spears and continue the air-to-ground attack.
Focus on HIM, not on his pet's head, when you roll to avoid his landing attack.
Try to fill your roll face the side or under the base of the dragon's neck.
Fix its head and continue underneath and shoot.

The Nameless King is considered by most to be the most rather difficult boss in Dark Souls three.
Located on Archdragon's Peak, this boss appears after ringing the bell next to the Great Bell Tower.
This boss is fought in 2 phases, one of them while riding a wyvern.
Beware of his piercing attacks while on foot.

The Nameless King deals lightning damage, so anything that increases your resistance to it will help.
The Nameless King himself is weak to fire, but the Storm King is resistant to it.
Darkness will also work quite well.

How to kill the Nameless King: Recommended character level: 99+ Weapon used: Broadsword + Great Havel Shield.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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