Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Ember Lord [Final Boss]

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Dark Souls 3: Guide to Beat the Ember Lord [Final Boss]


Let's see how to defeat all the bad guys Dark Souls 3: we take out the last boss, the Lord of the Embers. 

In this guide we see how to beat one of the fearsome bosses in Dark Souls III. For all the other bosses and other guides on the game, don't forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

How to kill the Ember Lord (final boss):

  • Recommended character level: 99+
  • Weapon used: Broadsword + Greatshield

Below is a video showing the best strategy to beat this boss, followed by some tips to consider:

The lord of the Embers is the final boss of the Dark Souls III story. After beating him you will be able to interact with the last bonfire, activate the ending of the story and switch to the New Game + mode.

This boss uses a variety of attacks and weapons that he tends to swap all the time. A good strategy is to use a Great Shield and walk around him in a circle, blocking all attacks. After blocking his combo, you can hit him 1-2 times and then return to block. After a few hits he will be stunned, so you can take down a good portion of his health. Among the various attacks, also remember to release the parry button in order to regain stamina more quickly. Be patient and continue in this way until you get to the next stage.

After his first health bar is gone the boss will become more aggressive. His attacks will change, he will start using longer combos and throwing electric shocks. When he uses the lightning bolts he will be vulnerable, that's when you have to attack, even at the cost of taking a few hits.

Roll away from him when he performs the 5 hit combo with the big blast of fire, everything else can be safely blocked with the shield. The challenge in the challenge with this boss will be in managing the resistance well: you will have to parry lots of shots, but you will also have to use it to attack. For this reason, it is essential not to overload the character too much, in order to recover the stamina more quickly.

Good Luck!

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