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    Dark Souls 3: Guiad Bone Fragments to upgrade Bonfires

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    Dark Souls 3: Guiad Bone Fragments to upgrade Bonfires


    In this guide we see how to maximize the bonfires of Dark Souls III.

    In Dark Souls 3 there are 10 bone fragments in total that you will have to collect if you want reinforce the bonfire as much as possible and also unlock the trophy / achievement "Definitive bonfire". The bone fragments will increase the intensity of the bonfires and will also be used for power up the flask would be, in order to regenerate a greater amount of life with each use. 

    After finding a bone fragment you will have to burn it at the bonfire of the Sanctuary of the fire link (firelink).

    In the video proposed above the exact is shown location of all bone splinters. It is highly recommended to find them as soon as possible because upgrading the bonfires and in particular the flask will prove to be a huge help throughout the game.

    In the video you can see the fragments shown in the order they can be found by progressing normally through the game. If you have missed any, don't worry because it is always possible to recover them, even after beating the final boss or in the new game +. To see how many you have found, check the number under the Estus flask or take a look at the intensity of the bonfire in the Firelink Shrine.

    Don't forget to also consult the Dark Souls 3 cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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