Dark Souls 3: Guardians of Farron Covenant Guide [how to join, rewards]

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Dark Souls 3: Guardians of Farron Covenant Guide [how to join, rewards]


Also in Dark Souls 3 the agreements to which the player can join to obtain prizes and advantages related to the multiplayer of the game are back: we see the Covenant of the Guardians of Farron.

Each pact is different from the other in Dark Souls III, in this guide we see how to find and how to join one of these. For all the other agreements and other guides on the game do not forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

Covenant of the Guardians of Farron

As the name suggests, the members of this covenant are tasked with protecting the Woods of Farron at all costs! The players who enter the pact of the Guardians of Farron are in fact called to face the invaders who try to violate the Farron Woods.

How to find it and join

Attention!!! This Pact can be missed, so it is advisable to find it as soon as you enter the swamp area, otherwise you will have to retrieve it in the New Game +. Read the "Note" below for more info.

The "Guardians of Farron" covenant is located in the "Road of Sacrifices" area, near the "Keep Ruins" bonfire (area of ​​poisonous swamps). Search the area around the ruins until you find a ladder. Climb the ladder to find a sleeping wolf, pray next to the wolf to join this pact.

Please note: if you can't pray to the wolf it is because the latter was killed by an NPC. After defeating the boss "Guardians of the abyss", in fact, after a certain amount of time an NPC will kill the wolf, which will prevent you from joining the pact (the exact time seems to vary, so try to join this as soon as possible pact). If you have any difficulties, watch the video above.

Rewards for covenant members

As previously mentioned, as a member of this Covenant you will have to deal with any invaders who try to pass inside Farron's walls. For each repelled invader you will receive a Wolf's Blood Swordgrass which must be brought to the wolf to earn the following rewards:

Old Wolf's curved sword (carrying 10 "Wolf's Blood Swordgrass")

Wolf Ring + Wolf Knight Grand Shield (carrying 30 "Wolf's Blood Swordgrass")

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