Dark Souls 3: Darkmoon Blade Covenant Guide [How to Join, Rewards]

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Dark Souls 3: Darkmoon Blade Covenant Guide [How to Join, Rewards]


Also in Dark Souls 3 the agreements to which the player can join to obtain prizes and advantages related to the multiplayer of the game are back: we see the "Blade of the Dark Moon" pact.

Each pact is different from the other in Dark Souls III, in this guide we see how to find and how to join one of these. For all the other agreements and other guides on the game do not forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

"Blade of the Dark Moon" Pact

This covenant is closely linked to the Dark Souls 3 Blue Way Covenant. As a member of this covenant, you will come to the aid of the Blue Way members who need it.

How to find it and join

This is the eighth and final covenant you can enter, at this point in the game you may already be a member of all the other covenants. The Dark Moon Blade Covenant is found in the "Irithyll of the Boreal Valley" area near the "Anor Londo" bonfire.

From this bonfire, go back the way you came down the stairs of the tower. After going downstairs, look out for a bonfire on a nearby tower. Here is an invisible bridge that you can cross (don't worry, even if it looks like you are about to fall, it won't, you will practically walk in the air). Go down to the tower with the hidden bonfire, where you will find a lady in a white dress with whom you have to talk.

If you have the "bow" gesture of Yuria's quest you can join the pact immediately, otherwise to do so you will have to kill the woman and get the pact from her corpse, but keep in mind that this will block your Pact with the Blue Sentinels. watch the video above.

Rewards for covenant members

The reward of this pact is similar to that of the Blue Sentinels' pact. After defeating an invader in someone else's game, you will get a "Proof of a Concord Kept" which you must take to Captain Yorshka at the Prison Tower bonfire to get the reward corresponding to:

Darkmoon Ring (carrying 10 "Proof of a Concord Kept")

Spada Darkmoon (portando 30 "Proof of a Concord Kept")

Frequently asked questions and answers

Continue the game and make sure to find Dreamchaser's ashes in the Farron area.
Give them to the Shrine Servant, and then either teleport or exit the game.
When you return to the Firelink Sanctuary, Sirris should appear again.
Talk to her and you'll get the Darkmoon's loyalty gesture.

When you arrive in Majula, you can climb the hill next to the campfire, face a huge monumental structure.
Saulden, who is sitting in front of it, will invite you to join the agreement after exhausting his dialogue.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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