Dark Souls 3: COMPLETE guide to ALL endings [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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Dark Souls 3: COMPLETE guide to ALL endings [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


The new Dark Souls also includes alternative endings for the plot, each player will arrive at his ending based on the choices made in the course of the game.

In this guide we see what are the possible endings in Dark Souls III and what needs to be done to get them. Don't forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3 for other useful guides on this game. 


Final 1: Connect the first flame

This is the basic ending of the game, probably the one most players will get to without following our ending guide. To get this ending just interact with the bonfire after defeating the final boss and choose Yes. Here is a video showing this ending:

Final 2: The end of the fire

To get this ending you will need to find the Hidden Eyes in the secret Untended Graves area (watch this video to discover the area if you haven't already got there). 

Go to the shrine and hit the magic wall at the end of the stairs to reveal the area with the eyes. Take the eyes and give them to the firekeeper at the Firelink Shrine. Now kill the final boss, if you have difficulty follow the guide to beat all the bosses of Dark Souls 3. At this point interact with the symbol to summon the Keeper of Fire which will only be available if you have given the eyes earlier. Here is a video showing the various steps and the ending:

Final 2 BIS: The End of Fire (alternate)

For this ending you have to complete all the steps as explained in the previous paragraph but, after defeating the final boss, instead of summoning the Keeper, choose to interact with the Bonfire to see an alternative version of this ending. 


Final 3: the conquest of fire

This is by far the most complicated ending to achieve as it requires you to perform a long series of actions throughout the game in order to unlock it. If you miss only one of these "requirements" actions you will not be able to see this ending which we therefore define as the best ending of Dark souls 3. 

Given the complexity, we have dedicated a separate guide: guide to the best ending of Dark Souls 3 Conquest of Fire, follow it and you too can see this ending. 

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