Dark Souls 3: Cairn Creators Covenant Guide [How to Join, Rewards]

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Dark Souls 3: Cairn Creators Covenant Guide [How to Join, Rewards]


Also in Dark Souls 3 the agreements to which the player can join to obtain prizes and advantages related to the multiplayer of the game are back: we see the Covenant of the Mound Makers.

Each pact is different from the other in Dark Souls III, in this guide we see how to find and how to join one of these. For all the other agreements and other guides on the game do not forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

Covenant of the Mound Makers

The members of this covenant know no mercy, their only purpose is to invade and kill other players.

How to find it and join

Attention! This pact can be missed. Join this bargain as soon as you reach the undead settlement, before beating the Boss Bean, because once this boss is defeated it will no longer be possible to join this pact, except in a New Game +.

From the Undead Settlement bonfire, go through the dark building and then across the bridge on the right. Follow the narrow path around the hill and climb to the rooftops where the archers are. From here you can go down to an area where you will find a man with a cage on his back. Enter the cage to start a cutscene (don't attack it). Now you will be taken to the area where the boss fight with the Greatwood will take place. Talk to the man near the shrine for a chance to join this covenant.

If you have any difficulties, watch the video above.

Rewards for covenant members

For each successful invasion you will get a Vertebra Shackle that you will have to take to the ditch under the Boss Forest area, so you will get the following rewards:

Katana Bloodlust (portando 10 "Vertebra Shackles")

Warmth Pyromancy (carrying 30 "Vertebra Shackle")

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