Crysis 3 - Trophy List [PS3]

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Crysis 3 - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Crysis 3 Playstation 3 Trophies


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Always fit
Complete the tutorial.
Welcome to the jungle!
Complete Post-human.
Quick departure
Complete Welcome to the Jungle.
Complete The Cause of All Evil.
Turning point
Complete Safe Out.
On the verge of apocalypse
Complete Red Star.
In the belly of the beast
Complete Human Only.
Single Player: Save a Nanosuit Module Pack.
Professionals use the bow!
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with each type of arrow.
Maximum strength
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies without using weapons using the enhanced powers of the nanosuit.
Single Player: Collect 10 arrows from the nailed bodies of enemies.
The Gibson
Single player: Complete 20 violations.
I want her!
Single Player: Rip and use all kinds of alien weapons.
A taste of your medicine
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while overloaded.
Single Player: Retrieve all CELL information.
Open hunting
Single Player: Kill a deer with explosive arrows.
Do you receive me now?
Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer.
Who needs the rockets?
Post-human: Eliminate an assault helicopter using the predatory bow.
White knight
The Cause of All Evil: Ride down the river on the donut for 20 seconds.
Hit-and-run driver
Red Star: Crush 5 enemies with the buggy.
Ping pong!
Human Only: Kill all Pingers.
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked defensive positions.
Post-human warrior
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a row with a single overcharge.
An arrow in the knee!
Single Player: End the career of a CELL agent by wounding him in the knee with an arrow
Single Player: Kill two enemies in one shot using your surroundings.
Armored Ninja
Single Player: Get 20 stealth kills without alerting nearby enemies.
Do not move
Singleplayer: Nail 10 enemies to walls with the Predator's Bow.
Are you smart, huh?
Singleplayer: Stealth kill a Cef hunter.
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies by throwing objects without being detected.
Rising star
Reach rank 20.
Neighborhood party
Complete a game in any area of ​​New York (public game only).
Strange story
Get two kills in the same game with a throwable item (public game only).
GoldPinger mission
Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (public match only).
Lo specialista
Stealth kill, snatch and shoot, and air crash kills in the same game (public match only).
Hit someone with an aerial crash from a height of 15 meters (public match only).
try again
Attack someone in melee using a ripped shield in Spikes (Public Match only).
Abrupt interruption
Take out an enemy player from the Pinger (public match only).
I see people hidden
Kill 10 Hunters as a CELL Agent (Public Match only).
Would you mind
Accept and complete 25 unique challenges.
Air support
Kill 10 enemies using the weapon mounted in the VTOL (public match only).
Off with the wheels
Complete a game using only manual armor mode (public game only).
Savior of the world
Complete the campaign on any difficulty level.
Nanotut veteran
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty.
Halfway to Hell
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Super Soldier difficulty.
Go on like this
Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Ready for everything
Single Player: Unlock all weapon grafts.
Well put
Single Player: Fully upgrade all Nanosuit modules.
Get a primary, secondary, and explosive kill without dying (public match only).
Superhero profession
Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty.
A true hero
Complete Gods and Monsters.
Collect all trophies available for Crysis®3



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