Crysis 3 - Trophy and Achievement Guide [Platinum PS3 / 1000 G 360]

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Crysis 3 - Trophy and Achievement Guide [Platinum PS3 / 1000 G 360]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all the Achievements and Trophies of Crysis 3. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.


- Always fit
Complete the tutorial.
As soon as you start a new game you will be asked if you want to complete a small tutorial (consisting of 5 stages) to learn the mechanics of the game. Say yes and complete it correctly to unlock the achievement.

- Welcome to the jungle!
Complete Post-human.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- Quick start
Complete Welcome to the Jungle.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- Untraceable
Complete The Cause of All Evil.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- Turning point
Complete Safe Out.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- On the verge of apocalypse
Complete Red Star.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- In the belly of the beast
Complete Human Only.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- A true hero
Complete Gods and Monsters.
Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

- Nanotuta Veteran
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty.
Refer to the "Superhero Profession" result for more help.

- Halfway to Hell
Complete 3 of 7 levels on Super Soldier difficulty.
Refer to the "Superhero Profession" result for more help.

- Savior of the world
Complete the campaign on any difficulty level.
Refer to the "Superhero Profession" result for more help.

- Go on like this
Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Refer to the "Superhero Profession" result for more help.

- Superhero profession
Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty.
Complete the game on this difficulty to unlock the achievement. In the cheats tab of Crysis 3 you will find the solutions to complete the game.

- Incentive
Single Player: Save a Nanosuit Module Pack.
At the start of Mission 2, you will reach a point where you can upgrade your suit.
You will find the package on a wall. Once recovered it will be enough to choose one of those available and equip a package of the module. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Ready for everything
Single Player: Unlock all weapon grafts.
Follow our guide to find all weapon attachments.

- Well put
Single Player: Fully upgrade all Nanosuit modules.
Please refer to our guide dedicated to upgrading the suit.

- Professionals use the bow!
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with each type of arrow.
This is a cumulative achievement, and it is recommended that you keep in mind your progress through the game.
Some arrows are very rare to find, so you can use them in a couple of missions, but I recommend using all 4 arrow types to kill the 10 enemies each time.
When you reach 10 kills with only 1 tip type, the game will warn you with a message on the screen; this way you will know which shots to use next. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Maximum strength
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies without using weapons using the enhanced powers of the nanosuit.
Simple and fast enough.
Approach an enemy and kill him with a melee move; remember never to use a weapon to kill. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Hunter-gatherer
Single Player: Collect 10 arrows from the nailed bodies of enemies.
Use the carbon tip to pin an enemy to the wall; when you see an enemy try to bring him close to a wall and then use the bow to hit him and fix him to the wall.
Now approach and remove the arrow.
Repeat everything 10 times and unlock the result.
Video where the result "Don't move" is also shown: AVAILABLE VIDEO

- The Gibson
Single player: Complete 20 violations.
You will unlock this achievement very easily as you progress through the campaign, even after completing Mission 3 if you wish.
To hack, pull up your visor, and then perform a hack on an object that can be hacked.
Complete the small mini-game to successfully complete the hacking operation.
You can change things like sensors, mines, and turrets.
Do it 20 times to unlock the achievement. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- I want her!
Single Player: Rip and use all kinds of alien weapons.
There are 5 types of weapons that you will need to pick up and use throughout the campaign, although you will be able to find them all during Mission 7. AVAILABLE VIDEO
Here is a list with all the weapons:

- Pinch Rifle
- Bolt Sniper
- Reaper Cannon
- X-Pac Mortar
- Incinerator

- A taste of your medicine
Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while overloaded.
This achievement should almost certainly be unlocked during the natural progression of the story, and most of these kills can be made during the last mission of the game. Becoming supercharged will give you standard ammo, health, and increase your damage.
You will be able to tell when you are supercharged, because the energy meter will start to turn blue, a bright glow will appear and it will always be at maximum level.
You become supercharged by interacting with the Ceph columns, or by collecting the small battery elements (cores) that are sometimes scattered around the levels. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Interception
Single Player: Retrieve all CELL information.
Please refer to our dedicated guide to CELL information.

- Open hunting
Single Player: Kill a deer with explosive arrows.
Refer to our dedicated guide for more help.

- Are you receiving me now?
Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer.
During Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle, near the end of the mission, you may notice that your HUD and Nanosuit will be distorted.
At this point, you will be given a secondary objective to complete, deactivate the jammer, which is located near the center of this area.
There will be some enemies, which you can choose to kill or ignore.
The jammer will look like a short antenna, when you find it, go up to it, and turn it off to unlock the result. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Who needs the rockets?
Post-human: Eliminate an assault helicopter using the predatory bow.
During Mission 1: Post-human, you will have to split from your partner.
At this point, kill some enemies and a helicopter should arrive shortly.
Once it arrives, use the predator's bow with explosive arrows and hit the aircraft a couple of times until it explodes, unlocking the achievement. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- White knight
The Cause of All Evil: Ride down the river on the donut for 20 seconds.
During Mission 3: The Cause of All Evil, you come to a point where you are making your way down the river.
If you look to the left, in the water, you should see a dinghy, which is quite difficult to miss. Once you find it, just jump on it to start going down the river. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Hit-and-run driver
Red Star: Crush 5 enemies with the buggy.
You have the buggy during mission 5. Stretch 5 enemy soldiers to get this result. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Ping pong!
Human Only: Kill all Pingers.
During Mission 6: Human Only, there will be 3 pinger mechs (robots) loitering near the Bravo air defense that you must eliminate to achieve this.
By completing the secondary objective where you have to save the mortar team, you will make this point easier as they can kill some enemies for you, but it is not necessary to save them.
Just have all 3 Pingers blow up and the achievement unlocks. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Complicity
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked defensive positions.
After hacking into a sentry turret, it will automatically shoot all enemies in sight.
Whenever you come across a sentry, I advise you to change it; after a while you will unlock this achievement. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Post-human warrior
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a row with a single overcharge.
Quite difficult result, since there is not a single place where you can meet 10 enemies and easily kill them all in a row with a single overload; if you want, however, you can try to unlock the result during Mission 7: Demons and gods.
After interacting with all 3 Ceph columns, you will be asked to go and close a warmhole.
You should now have the power you need for a good amount of time, and there should be around 12-14 enemies on your way to the next objective.
Obviously to succeed in the enterprise you will have to be fast and you will have to kill the enemies very quickly. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- An arrow in the knee!
Single Player: End the career of a CELL agent by wounding him in the knee with an arrow.
Refer to our dedicated guide for more help.

- Improvisation
Single Player: Kill two enemies in one shot using your surroundings.
Easily obtainable during Mission 1, after acquiring the Predatory Bow.
After obtaining the bow, the first area will have a lot of enemies grouped together and you will also be able to see some explosive containers.
The key to unlocking the result is to try to find at least 2 enemies near the barrel, then shoot them killing them both. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Armored Ninja
Single Player: Get 20 stealth kills without alerting nearby enemies.
In all likelihood, you will unintentionally unlock it by continuing to play, stealth kills are achieved by silently attacking enemies from behind with the knife.

- Do not move
Singleplayer: Nail 10 enemies to walls with the Predator's Bow.
You will almost certainly unlock the achievement along with the "Hunter-Gatherer" achievement.
Using the bow with carbon arrow, make sure you hit an enemy that is in front of a wall, so you will kill him by fixing him to the wall. Refer to the "Hunter-gatherer" result video for more help.

- You're smart, huh?
Singleplayer: Stealth kill a Cef hunter.
You will be able to meet a Cef hunter for the first time during mission 2.
At this point, use the indivisibility and wait for the enemy to give you his back, so you can kill him stealthily and unlock the result. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Poltergeist
Single Player: Kill 10 enemies by throwing objects without being detected.
Remember that you don't have to be detected by enemies. Mission 1 is the best to try, approach an enemy with invisibility, grab an object and throw it at to kill it. Several examples are shown in the video, but you can do it anywhere. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Rising star
Reach rank 20.
You will unlock this achievement online when you have reached 20th level.
Thankfully, it's a lot easier than it was in Crysis 2, as Rank 20 isn't that difficult to achieve; just play a few hours, scoring many points and completing the objectives.

- Neighborhood party
Complete a game in any area of ​​New York (public game only).
This achievement will be unlocked when you have completed at least one game on all 12 maps in the online mode.
There is no need to be in the game from the start, it will pay off even if you enter when the match has started.

- Strange story
Get two kills in the same game with a throwable item (public game only).
To unlock this achievement you will have to play the Deathmatch mode.
Then search the map for some type of throwable object, such as a pole or other and kill 2 enemies.
It is obviously recommended to use invisibility, so as not to be seen by the opponents and when you have them in range, throw the object making sure that it dies.
You can kill someone with the object, pick up the same object and then kill another person.
You can also die between the time you spend killing the other person.

- GoldPinger mission
Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (public match only).
The pinger is that giant robot that you will have to kill even in single player and appears on many online maps.
To access it, you have to climb on it.
The pinger has a total of 3 attacks, the cannon, the turret and the ram.
You will need to get 25 kills (which are cumulative, so you will almost certainly unlock it using the robot) using one of the attacks.
The Pinger can be found in the following maps:

- Airport
- Brooklyn Bridge
- Financial district
- Museum

- The specialist
Stealth kill, snatch and shoot, and air crash kills in the same game (public match only).
To make a stealth kill, approach an enemy from behind and kill them stealthily; to kill with an air crash, climb onto a ledge and then jump onto an opponent to kill them.
Finally, for the last one, use a throwable object and kill an enemy. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Rapace
Hit someone with an aerial crash from a height of 15 meters (public match only).
You will have to kill someone by performing an air crash by jumping from a height of at least 15 meters.
This move is done by jumping off a ledge.
When you jump on an enemy you will kill them but the attack has a range that will kill the enemies in the vicinity even if you do not run into them.
The best way to accomplish this is to go somewhere high above an area and use invisibility.
Wait until you see someone below you and pounce on them by jumping down. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Smuttered
Get a primary, secondary, and explosive kill without dying (public match only).
Players who have tried to unlock any Battlefield 3 achievements will be familiar with this achievement.
Unfortunately, there are few tips to give, as you will only need to make a single kill with your primary weapon, your secondary weapon and with explosives (like a grenade) without dying.
Often use the invisibility to hide from the eyes of the enemies and try to use the grenade on a group of enemies by making it cook a little.

- Try again
Attack someone in melee using a ripped shield in Spikes (Public Match only).
In the map shown in the video do as shown: take the shield and then kill an opponent using it in a melee attack. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Abrupt interruption
Take out an enemy player from the Pinger (public match only).
When you see an enemy that is controlling a Pinger approach without being killed, jump on him to take him out and unlock the result.

- I see people hidden
Kill 10 Hunters as a CELL Agent (Public Match only).
While using a CELL agent, kill 10 enemies (hunters) to unlock the achievement.
When you meet an opponent who is hiding with invisibility, find him with a heat detector and kill him.
It is easier to try to take this result by playing with the sniper class, as it makes it less difficult to see enemies. AVAILABLE VIDEO

- Would you mind
Accept and complete 25 unique challenges.
After each multiplayer match, you will see a list of the challenges that are available, in 4 different categories. You can have a total of 4 active challenges during the match if you play as a team, only 3 if you play alone. The challenges are fairly random and range from extremely easy to extremely difficult. Make sure you accept the challenges that are easier for you, and do your best to complete them.

- Air support
Kill 10 enemies using the weapon mounted in the VTOL (public match only).
The VTOL is the ship you will often see flying and circling on some maps during multiplayer.
It appears in some game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Crash Site.
For this achievement, it is necessary to board the VTOL and use the mounted turrets, killing a total of 10 people.
To board the VTOL, you'll need to jump on it when it's close enough to the ground.
The VTOL can be found on the following maps:

- Airport
- Brooklyn Bridge
- Central caves
- East River
- Say it

- Off with the wheels
Complete a game using only manual armor mode (public game only).
After you play some online and level up, you will unlock the ability to create custom classes.
To unlock the achievement be sure to remove the auto armor, and replace it with another ability.
At this point you will get a warning message, accept it and play an entire game without it to unlock this achievement.

Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.

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