Crysis 3 - Collectible Cell Information Guide [Interception]

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Crysis 3 - Collectible Cell Information Guide [Interception]


It's time to get back on the hunt for collectibles on Crysis 3.

Like any good self-respecting game too Crysis 3 presents its fair share of collectible items to be collected in the various levels of the single player campaign. Here is our help to find them all and unlock the Achievement / Trophy Interception - Retrieves all CELL information.

The collectibles to find to unlock this achievement are 67 in total: 41 datapads, 20 black boxes and 6 propaganda posters / posters. Whenever you collect one it will be saved automatically and immediately, so there is no need to go to the next checkpoint to save your progress.

Here are some videos showing you where to find all the collectibles in each mission. The videos also show the location of all nanosuit enhancement modules (for more details follow the dedicated guide). Good luck and happy Crysis 3.

Location of datapads, black boxes, posters and nanosuit upgrades:

Mission 1 - Watch the video

Mission 2 - Watch the video

Mission 3 - Watch the video

Mission 4 - Watch the video

Mission 5 - Watch the video

Mission 6 - Watch the video

Mission 7 - Watch the video

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