Crysis 2 - Special Kills Guide (Multiplayer)

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Crysis 2 - Special Kills Guide (Multiplayer)

We unlock "The Expert"


Dear friends of, as a great FPS enthusiast, you know very well that playing an online shooter there are always different ways to take out the enemy. Crysis 2 in this sense it is certainly no exception and in fact proposes a series of special kills that you can perform during your multiplayer games.

In general it is a question of "fragging" the opponent by putting a pinch of imagination into it. By performing these kills you will then earn extra experience points, which will allow you to level up more quickly and once you have performed them all at least once You will also unlock the "The Expert" achievement and trophy.

Here is the full list of special kills and what needs to be done to perform them:

  • First shot: Make the first kill in a game
  • Blind fury: Kill an enemy while dazzled by a flash grenade
  • Aerial death: kill someone while in mid-air
  • Spectrum: Perform a stealth assassination
  • Headshot: Kill an enemy by hitting them in the head
  • Triple kill: Kill 3 enemies with one shot
  • Implacable: Kill 5 enemies in quick succession
  • Revenge: kill an enemy who has previously killed you
  • Perforated: Kill an enemy by piercing any object in front of him with a penetrating bullet
  • Blinding: Throw a blinding grenade and kill an enemy while he is dazzled
  • Combined fire: Hit an enemy with the main weapon and kill them with the secondary weapon
  • Dangerous roads: Kill an enemy by kicking a car
  • Stopped: Stops the streak of an enemy killing
  • Caught: kill a hidden enemy
  • Indestructible: kill an enemy while being injured
  • Front: kill an enemy by punching him (melee attack)
  • Double kill: kill two enemies at the same time
  • Tireless: kill 4 enemies in quick succession (no more than a few seconds between kills)
  • Rebirth: Kill someone to complete a kill streak
  • Gregarious: Kill an enemy while in mid-air
  • guardian: Kill an enemy who is shooting at your teammate
  • Snidied: Wound an enemy with the grenade and kill them with the main weapon
  • Intervention: kill someone who is about to shoot your teammate


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