Crysis 2 - Multiplayer Strategy Guide - Tips to improve and win online

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Crysis 2 - Multiplayer Strategy Guide - Tips to improve and win online

  Tips to improve your technique.


You've played dozens of FPS online, kicked hundreds and thousands of opponents in the ass, but in this Crysis 2 you feel confused and often end up being the "mattress" player of the situation?

Don't worry, you are not alone. Crysis 2 overturns some rules that are the basis of most of today's online shooters and it is no coincidence that in this game you are encountering some extra difficulties in multiplayer mode.

Resources4gaming, as always, runs to your rescue and offers you in this guide a series of tips and advice to improve your technique and to avoid spending most of your time dying. To the more experienced it may seem obvious advice, but just fixing it in mind could prove to be a point to your advantage. Let's start!

We give the melee the importance it deserves
Although in recent years we have been accustomed to playing FPS where in a close-range combat instant kills were performed with hand-to-hand attacks, finally in Crysis 2 order is restored making the hand-to-hand attack as it should be, and that is an attack to be used as a last resort given its low effectiveness. In fact, it will take two hits to kill a "normal" enemy and three or four if it has armor mode activated. So if an opponent approaches looking for physical contact you do not expect it, but shoot him a good burst of lead to eliminate him very quickly. Remember, however, that if you use the melee attack behind the enemy you will kill him instantly, even if an animated sequence will start where you will remain completely uncovered.

Hunting for platelets
Crysis 2 implements an interesting kill streak system. In fact, if in Call of Duty it was enough to kill the opponents to make the series counter go up and have access to very powerful armaments, in Crysis we will not only have to kill the enemy, but we will also have to collect the plate that will leave on the ground, otherwise the series will not go up. . You will not be able to miss them because they emit a column of light. Even if you die, do not worry, because the platelets will remain in their place since they will disappear only after a certain amount of time. In conclusion, this is an excellent system that those of Crytek have invented to disadvantage players who tend to remain still and hidden in a point of the map.

Otherwise I get angry !!!
Remember that all the machines in the game can be used as cover, but not only. In fact, if we get close to one of them, and hit it with a hand-to-hand attack, our alter ego will throw a powerful kick in the style of "the most pissed off Bud Spencer" with which you can kill the opponent if he is on the side. opposite of the car. Or, even more useful, you can create coverage at a strategic point on the map.

The tactical viewer is not as useless as it seems
Why waste time tagging an enemy when we can shoot them directly? It is true, often the tactical viewer can appear useless or even counterproductive (you will be helpless while using it) but if you play in a team it can be the ace in the hole of your team. In fact, it may happen that you are far from the action, but you can contribute and give help to the team by signaling enemies with the viewer. Your teammates will thank you and the whole team will benefit.

Armor is your friend
Armor mode is one of the peculiarities of Crysis 2 and is not to be overlooked. It is very important because it is able to protect us by transferring a fraction of all the damage suffered to energy. It is particularly effective against grenades, the C4 and therefore also against explosions in general. But that is not all. Once activated you will also absorb a good part of the recoil of the weapons, making them more precise and lethal. It could also save their skin if you fall from a considerable height, as it will greatly decrease fall damage. So, finger always pointing on the key that activates it. Obviously it is not perfect, its "defect" in fact is that of slowing down the movements.

Nano-vision is your friend
The Nano-Vision is nothing more than a thermal viewer, which will allow you to see the heat forms of all allies and enemies in your field of vision and will help you choose your objectives out of the confusion of all the elements. present on the screen. Additionally, it is possible to spot players with concealment activated, although their heat will be much weaker. The Nano-Vision does not absorb as much energy and is particularly useful in the game mode as it captures the flag where you can defend while remaining concealed.

Invisibility is your friend
How many times have you died (even in other online shooters) while you were intent on reloading your weapon? So many. Well, finish it off, in Crysis 2 you have a chance to become invisible, use it while reloading and you will avoid being surprised by the enemy helpless and with busy hands.
Invisibility is the hidden dream of every Camper worthy of the name, and not just the Camper, it is clear. But be very careful not to shoot while you are invisible because not only will your energy jump to zero in a nano-second but you will also be disturbed by a flash that will create some problems. In fact, if your attack didn't kill your opponent right away, he would have time to fire back, and with your energy at zero it would be a big problem. So when you are invisible, always remember to deactivate this ability before attacking an enemy. By removing the invisibility you can also quickly switch to Armor mode, just to be calmer during the surprise attack, but also remember that the energy that makes these two skills work is not infinite.

Don't waste energy but use it intelligently
There are other actions, in addition to the skills already seen, that consume energy, including running and jumping, so do economics. Also, if the energy gauge is halfway or even less, avoid attacking and wait for it to recharge. Facing an opponent who at any time can activate the armor without you having the possibility to do the same, to escape by running or becoming invisible is a suicide that you will hardly be able to escape.
Obviously it is good to harness the precious energy by using skills that best suit your way of playing. If you are particularly good at face-to-face combat then conserve armor energy and activate it when engaging an enemy. If, on the other hand, you are more reflective and prefer to wander cautiously around the map, invisibility will be your creed. All this, in turn, also applies when you create a custom class.

Tips for Customizing Classes

The sniper
Recommended weapon: well, a sniper rifle is just fine
Recommended nanotute modules:
Armor: Proximity alarm
Stealth: Improved visor
Power: Improved Aim or Retriever
The choice of modules in this case seems to me to be quite obligatory. The proximity alarm for obvious reasons is indispensable for a sniper, unless you want to get caught in the back while you are camping. The enhanced viewer is very useful because all the enemies you will see through the rifle telescope will be highlighted in red, a real boon. For the third module you choose. Obviously the improved aim is always useful for those who have to shoot with precision, but the Retriever also appears indispensable. In fact, from Cecchini it will not be easy to go around the map to retrieve the plates of the killed enemies, and the Retriver allows you to acquire them automatically, without moving. To you the choice.

The Predator
Recommended weapon: assault rifle / machine gun with silencer
Recommended nanotute modules:
Armor: Energy Transfer
Stealth: Improved stealth
Power: Improved mobility
This configuration is particularly suitable for those who like to move quickly without attracting too much attention but who have great difficulties with people who use invisibility. The idea is to abuse invisibility to stay hidden, along with Nano-Vision so you no longer have a problem seeing where invisible enemies are hiding. In addition, the machine gun will offer you high mobility and the silencer will keep you out of enemy radars.

Energy transfer is the first choice for the Armor module because it recharges a portion of the energy bar each time you kill an enemy. This means that you will be inactive for a shorter amount of time than usual while you wait to reactivate invisibility. Of course, if you want to get a little more defensive, you can always replace this module with the armor upgrade.

Improved stealth is a must for this customization, as it speeds up the transition when switching from Invisible to Visible. In fact, if you embrace this philosophy of the game, the change will be continuous and thanks to this module you will not have to wait long before starting to shoot once the invisibility is disabled and in the same way you can return invisible much faster.

Finally, the Mobility Enhancement Module helps reduce energy consumption by running and jumping while invisible, energy you can use to stay invisible longer. As we have already said, stealth and speed are the key features of this configuration.

The bait
Recommended weapon: any weapon with holographic coupling
Recommended Nanotute Modules:
Armor: Proximity alarm
Stealth: Tracker
Power: Point Fire Enhance

This is my favorite dish, the one that will help you eradicate those players who love to camp in dark corners and shoot unsuspecting passers-by. In fact, using the hologram as a bait you will bring out the hidden opponents who will be really surprised by your attack (cit. "Surprised like a dog that realizes it has mounted a porcupine)". Refine this technique well because the hologram can be used as many times as you want.

The proximity alarm is ideal in this configuration and will keep you safe from campers lurking in rooms or corners of the map.

The Tracker gives you the ability to see where an opponent has activated invisibility. While this will serve you very little against those enemies who alternate invisibility with long and unpredictable races, it could instead be your trump card against those players who prefer to always lurk in the same points on the map.

One of the most important peculiarities of Crysis 2, namely invisibility, can become your nemesis in the game where campers that abuse this feature abound. Using the configuration just proposed, however, it will be much more unlikely to fall into an ambush.

With that is all. If you have any other advice to add, the comments are at your disposal. Good game everyone.

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