Cruella: unveiled the new trailer with an Emma Stone crazier than ever

The Walt Disney Studios present a new trailer for the live action of Cruella (Cruella, in English), dedicated entirely to the genesis of the better known as Cruella De Mon, namely the bad of the 101 charge, the classic movie Disney. In this new video we can admire, among other things, the performance of Emma Stone who will take on the role of the evil Cruella, as bad as she is incredibly human. In fact, the live action available in May on the big screen, will push us to see the world from the eyes of a young and ambitious woman, who however lives in a hostile and cruel world towards new genes and new fashions. A conservative, mean and diabolical universe that will bring the talented girl to take shape of what surrounds her, crowned by a pinch of madness. We therefore leave you the video with the brilliant Emma Stone at the bottom of the article.

The events of Cruella are set in one London of 70's, where the influences of the punk rock they are starting to get insistent in a mainly conservative world. Estella, this for the film is the original name of the protagonist, is a young and talented stylist but already accustomed to evil, since it is also one scammer. In her growth path she will also meet two traveling companions who are also novice criminals who will help her in times of difficulty. But it is the meeting with the pretentious and chic Baroness von Hellman, played by the Oscar winner Emma Thompson, to indelibly mark the life of the promising Estella who will find herself entangled in spite of herself, in a whirlwind of events that will drag it more and more into the abyss of madness and towards a painful and complete metamorphosis in Cruella De Mon.

As already mentioned therefore, the live action with Emma Stone is not the first cinematic iteration dedicated to the world outlined by the pen of Dodie Smith of his "Hundred and a Dalmatian" but like films like Maleficent, shows in a revisited key the troubled past of a complex and well characterized antagonist. A tendency to give a voice also to the "bad guys", which in recent years is becoming stronger, as for example even if tracing the very necessary differences, with the famous interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, where a defeated man turns into the monster that society sees in him.

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