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So are you here because you want to know how to create a Microsoft account quickly and easily? After Windows XP, Vista and 8, Microsoft has made a quantum leap with the its new version of the operating system, Windows 10

Available both for mobile terminals through its portable branch, and for traditional computers with its main version, it has become one of the most used systems in computer installations not only for its improved performance, but for all the structure and tools it provides to its users, as well as guaranteed compatibility with most existing programs.

How to create a Microsoft account

As with most operating systems, Windows 10 requires you to create a user account in order to strengthen security and prevent anyone from accessing without consent. Moreover, thanks to this, it can offer different proposals for different types of people who use the same computer. A good way to sort out and avoid problems with installed programs, messy desktops, and anything that usually happens when more than one person uses a PC.

Furthermore, in the case of this system, the registering a profile gives you the opportunity to create one online, something that allows access to various tools and functions available only through the Internet. Because of this reasonknow how to create a Microsoft account for Windows 10 has become more than interesting, since in this way, in addition to synchronizing information, it is possible to use many services and applications that are available only to registered users.

How to create a Microsoft account quickly and easily?

Do you want to know what you need to do? Well, this guide will be very useful to you. We will explain all the steps you need to follow to register your Microsoft account and, in addition, we will provide in detail all those programs and services that you can take advantage of after registration. The latter is precisely one of the greatest assets of this system di account and what invites many to register with it.

First of all you have to go to the page to create official Microsoft account to create a new account, which you can do from this link. Once there, follow the steps below to create a Microsoft account so you don't get lost in the process.

Now we will have to enter a valid and unique e-mail address, if you don't have one you can click "Get a new email address”To begin the process of creating your e-mail. It also offers us the possibility to register the account with our mobile phone, although the most recommended is to do it via e-mail.

On this page a form will appear in which it is necessary to indicate ours name and surname, username or e-mail address, password, confirm the password again, country or region, country date and gender.

So that Microsoft keep our account secure, will also ask us at the end of the form for our telephone number and alternate email account, which we can access to recover the access password if at any time we forget it or if there are suspicious operations on our account.

Finally, we write the characters that are shown to us to clarify that we are not a robot, we select the box if we want to receive promotional emails from Microsoft and now we can click the button to finish. It is worth mentioning that we must accept Microsoft's agreement with terms and use the criteria to complete the process, so if we're interested, we can read it before anything else.

How to create a Microsoft account in Windows 10?

Anyone using Windows 10 as an administrator can open a new account at Microsoft. The process requires accessing the settings section of the operating system and performing a series of steps which we will explain in detail below:

1. Go to the Windows 10 Accounts section

To start, go to the Windows 10 Start menu by doing click on the button at the bottom left with the logo of the operating system. When the drop-down menu opens, look at the left side e click on the gear to access the configuration panel. This is where you enter the submenu for user accounts.

2. Start creating a Microsoft account

Within the Microsoft login screen, in the side menu, click "Email account and application" and, now, in the information that appears on the right, click on " Add a Microsoft account ".

Now we will have to select the service you want to register, from Google, Yahoo !,, Exchange, iCloud or another account. Depending on the type of email account that you have, you will have to click on one or the other option.

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3. Fill out the forms

We will run the example choosing the option (for other accounts the process is similar), once our account is selected, a pop-up window will appear which time asks us for the data to access; however, you should go just below the space to access it. Here, you need to click on "Use another account“>”Account Microsoft > " Continue«.

Then a new screen will open. If we don't have a Microsoft account, be it a Hotmail email addressOutlook, Skype o, we will have to click on "Create one right away".

Now is the time to start detailing all the information Windows requires for your new Microsoft account. The first thing to write is the name you will give to your new email. Here, you can use one you already have or, otherwise, click "Get a new email address"So you can create a new e-mail with the end"@".

Below, you must set a login password (remember that if you use uppercase and lowercase letters, you will also have to write them when you want to log in), the country where you reside and the date of birth. Do this by indicating it in the spaces that are enabled for it.

4. Add security information

In order to avoid problems in the event of theft di identity with Microsoft Mail, Now Windows 10 will ask you to enter a phone number to connect to your account. We recommend that you use your usual mobile terminal to have greater control not only in case of unauthorized access, but also in case of problems due to forgetting the password or the email itself. If you prefer, you can add an alternate email address for the recovery of your main account in case of forgetfulness or blocking.

5. Further details

The next thing is to establish a set of parameters in in relation to Microsoft advertising. If you want to see advertisements related to your tastes or suggestions in line with what your searches on the networks determine, as well as receive promotions and offers from the company, check the two boxes displayed. If not, deselect them to reduce this type of advertising while using the browser or other programs. When you accept and go to the next window, you agree to Microsoft's privacy policies and terms of use.

6. Enable the account

The last step is to enable your newly created Microsoft account in Windows 10. In this case, the Windows Hello service. you do click on "OK”When the pop-up window appears after completing the previous step to do so.

If you have a PIN code in your Windows 10 login, you will be asked to write it here to confirm that everything is in order. Do it and agree to be able to finish and have your Microsoft account ready to use.

From now on you will have this new user created and ready. You can change the configuration parameters or even delete it if you wish; Although it is recommended to have this account, as it grants access to one quite interesting set of Microsoft tools which we will list below.

What services and applications can we use with our Microsoft account?

Having a Microsoft account not only allows you to log into your Windows 10 operating system and connect to your profile on the Internet, but it also opens the door to a good set of programs and tools which have become very popular for their usefulness and versatility. In this section we will examine the most important ones that you have at your disposal. A brief look to learn about the capabilities of all those applications and services.


Il cloud hosting it is one of the great tools that we have encountered in the XNUMXst century on the Internet. Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store a large number of files on the network of networks to have backup copies (5 GB free expandable up to 5 TB for a fee).

It is a very useful service, especially for sharing files with other users without worrying about email limitations or physical format.

Microsoft Outlook

One of the best applications for the e-mail management and, precisely, the one for which the Outlook accounts are intended. Microsoft Outlook is a program that takes care of email management, but it also has a web version from which you can enter your mailboxes, send and receive emails or even perform other tasks such as chat or video calls.

When you create your Microsoft account you have the option to create an Outlook email, which gives you everything you need to get the most out of this completely free tool.

Microsoft Store

To search, download and purchase any program necessary on your computer or even on a terminal or tablet. Microsoft Store is the digital store that includes Windows 10 and to which you have full access while creating this account. After logging in, you can take a look at their entire catalog of applications and games to install whatever you want.

It is also responsible for keep track of what is installed to download again in case it has been deleted or to update if new versions are available.


Chat, voice and video calls; This is the trio of possibilities that Skype offers to its users and that it is fully available the moment you open your Microsoft profile. This program has been in operation for years and allows communication between users from all over the planet, both on PCs and on smart devices.


If you are a gamer, you can also access the Xbox service to integrate your new account on the Xbox One console. In this way, you can manage your friendships, control the games you are playing and even take advantage of the online functions that the platform gives you.

Among some of these possibilities is the sharing of games between game consoles and computers or even Game Pass, a kind of Netflix for video games.

Office 365

The most famous office suite is past al cloud and changed its licensing system some time ago, giving way to Microsoft Office 365. If you want to get the most out of it, or even have access to a free, albeit somewhat limited version, you absolutely must have a Microsoft account created.

Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint ... Everything you need to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and a long etc are all there.

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