Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Trophy and Platinum Guide

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In Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, trophy hunters will have fun collecting 52, of which 40 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum. Even if some are related to history, conquering them all won't be a walk in the park anyway, and it will take you some time to complete them. Let's see the list of trophies and what you will have to get.


Defeat them, one way or the other: Defeat a boss in N. Vertita mode.

I FEEL DIZZY!!!: Complete a level in N. Vertito mode.

Secondary road: Complete a bonus Path.

Another perspective: Complete a Timeline.

A tutto gas: Enter a Checkpoint Race.

New record: Play a game of Crate Combo.

The fourth time: Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex - story-related trophy.

Master mixer: Defeat N. Brio - trophy linked to the story.

You played them!: Defeat N. Gin with his Mass Percussion Weapon - story-related trophy.

Dizzying Sapphire: Find the hidden Blue Gem.

A marsupial with rhinestones: get half of the clear Gems.

Arrogant emerald: find the hidden green gem.

Ruby red: find the hidden red gem.

Space for topaz: find the hidden yellow gem.

Do you suffer from vertigo?: Perform a double jump while crouching or after a slide.

Silent protagonist: meet 'Akano - trophy linked to history.

Ups and downs: meet Ika-Ika - trophy linked to history.

Cataclysmic proportions: meet Lani-Loli - trophy linked to history.

I see through time: meets Kupuna-Wa - trophy linked to history.

No, now it's up to MEComplete a level with Pass and Play enabled.

Ladies first: Complete a level with Coco.

Sudden but inevitable: Treason! From your worst enemy - history-related trophy.

The perfect guinea pig: Get a flashback Relic.

So called perfectionist: Obtain a perfectly N. Sana Relic.

Faster than a turtle: Get a Relic of Time Trials.

Dress up: try a skin.

Wow!: perform a triple turn.

Bully: Defeat an enemy with a triple turn.

WinableComplete a story level without dying.

Big fan of audiovisuals: get a Flashback Tape.

The fruits of hard work: find out where Bumpa Berries come from.

Come here, kitty-kitty!: scare the cat hiding at the party.

Taste this!: Aim and shoot!

Bad targets: practice with the target.

Concert in the landfill: play in a ... particular location.

UOAH, YES!: you have collected a lot of Bumpa.

Silence, scientist: shut up N. Brio.

The chatty robot: shut up N. Gin.

Loud and clear: make a little noise!

Zapping: do some zapping.


Front and back: Complete all levels in N. Vertita mode.

The complete picture: Complete all Timelines.

Double madness: Defeat Doctors N. Tropy - story-related trophy.

Ambitious: Check out the 100% bonus ending. You can do this after you have found all 456 clear gems, which are 228 in the normal levels and 228 in the N. Vertiti ones, unlocked the 4 colored gems, red, green, yellow and blue, unlocked all 38 relics of the platinum time trial and also unlocked all 21 Platinum Flashback Relics.

King of gems: get all the clear Gems. In each level, 6 gems are awarded based on specific modes: find 40% of all fruit, find 60% of all fruit, find 80% of all fruit, destroy all crates, die less than 3 times and finally find the hidden gem.

emmeg elled eR: Get all N. Vertite Gems - it's like the King of Gems trophy, but playing in N. Vertita mode.

We conclude the experiments: Collect all Flashback Relics.

Perfectionist: Obtain all perfectly N. Sane Relics.

Faster than light: Obtain all Platinum Relics from Time Trials.


The past is the future: Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex again - story-related trophy.

Ultra-ambitious: Check out the final 106% bonus - you'll need to collect and unlock everything collectible.


Marsupial master: get all trophies.

This was all there was to know to get all the Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time trophies, for more tips or guides we refer you to our dedicated section. Also, if you want to know ours on the Toys For Bob title, we refer you to our review.

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