"Cover Missed" Trophy Guide

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InFamous Second Son - Guide undercover agents


Only for the truly curious.

"Cover Missed" Trophy Guide

To unlock this result in InFamous Second Son we will have to find all the undercover agents, you will find one in each neighborhood.

To make things easier, just destroy the neighborhood's Mobile DUP Command Center to see the location of the collectibles in that neighborhood on the map. On the map the undercover agents come highlighted with the yellow icon in the shape of a head with a hat. At the beginning of the mini-mission you will have to visually locate the agent, then eliminate him. I recommend to take him out as soon as possible, otherwise he will escape and you will have to face a chase.

Important: follow the InFamous Second Son trophy guide to find out how to unlock all other trophies.

Here is a video showing the exact location of all InFamous Second Son undercover agents.

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