Could Zack Snyder's Justice League be the end of the “SnyderVerse”?

According to the portal, the Snyder Cut di Justice League (Zack Snyder's Justice League), has been called the "completion of the Snyder trilogy" by Ann Sarnoff di WarnerMedia Studios and it seems that there are no other plans to restore other chapters of the “SnyderVerse” through new films. The issue was raised following the social campaign identified by the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, which has already led to the release of Justice League's Snyder Cut on HBO Max and other streaming platforms since last March 18th. Apparently, the four-hour or so of the new film will be the last for this particular reinterpretation of the genre.

Below, the statements of Sarnoff regarding the possibility of seeing new Snyder Cuts dedicated to other similar films:

I appreciate that fans love Zack's work and we are very grateful for his many contributions to DC. We are so happy that he was able to bring his interpretation of the Justice League to life because it wasn't even in our plans until about a year ago. With the latter film, his trilogy was completed. We're very happy we did, but we're very excited about the plans we have for all of the multidimensional DC characters being developed right now.

Sarnoff's words confirm his recent statements Snyder, who in an interview a few days ago released to the New York Times had stated, regarding his latest film:

This is the last movie I make for the DC Universe.

Of the movie Zack Snyder's Justice League we have released ours review last March 17th, and we invite you (in case you missed it) to have a look at it by clicking here. Snyder Cut turned out to be the highest-rated cinecomic ever since the Dark Knight. Justice League is a film originally released in 2017 directed by Snyder and written by Joss Whedon e Chris Terrio, starting with a subject by Ternio and Snyder themselves. The film is inspired by the eponymous group of comic book superheroes DC Comics created by Gardner Fox and is the fifth film in the DC Extended Universe.

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