Could The Last of Us Part 3 arrive in the future?

The Last of Us Part 2 it has been available to everyone for several days and is already achieving remarkable results in terms of sales. It is therefore legitimate that we start talking immediately about a possible The Last of Us Part 3, just a few days ago, the declarations for a future DLC have frozen a first plausible expansion of the game universe.

The Game Director N, however, he wanted to share some considerations regarding the imaginary for a future The Last of Us:

The reflection at the basis of a possible The Last of Us Part 3 will have to be the same as with the second chapter. Making the first episode was easier as there were no expectations regarding the plot and we could create whatever we wanted most. With The Last of Us Part 2, having an imagery started, the team had to justify the creation of the sequel by making a plot that had an emotional impact at least as strong as the first. A hypothetical third chapter will put the entire team to the test even more in order to justify a return to the game universe. There are already many elements linked to the origins of the story and it will be difficult to expand the plot even more and, at the same time, keep the quality of the script high.

Are you playing The Last of Us Part 2? Would you like a third chapter or do you think the saga should stop here?

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