Complete list of special moves and combos Injustice Gods Among Us

Complete list of special moves and combos Injustice Gods Among Us


In this guide dedicated to Injustice Gods Among Us for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U we see the complete list with the commands to perform all the moves, special moves and combos for all 24 characters of the game.

Injustice Gods Among Us comes within reach of our pads with a nice load of moves and combos for each of the 24 characters that make up the game's roster.

By clicking on the names in the list below you will have access to complete command list to perform all the moves of the selected character (source eventhubs).

Before starting, here is the legend of the keys to use on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 based on those indicated in the guide.

Guide   Xbox 360   Playstation 3

In the cheats tab of Inustice Gods Among Us there are other guides for this game, do not miss them !!!

Click on the character's name to access the relevant list of attacks, combos and special moves.

• Aquaman
• Ares
• Bane
• Batman
• Black Adam
• Catwoman
• Cyborg
• Deathstroke
• Doomsday
• Green Arrow
• Green Lantern (Lanterna Verde)
• Hawkgirl
• Harley Quinn
• Killer Frost
• Lex Luthor
• Nightwing
• Raven
• Shazam
• Sinestro
• Solomon Grundy
• Superman
• The Flash
• The Joker
• Wonder Woman

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Complete list of Injustice Gods Among Us characters [360-PS3-Wii U] ❯
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