Complete list of places to discover in Borderlands 2

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Borderlands 2 - Guide to discover all the places


The trophy / Objective "Giramondo" di Borderlands 2 asks us to discover all the places in the game that have names. In other words, the fanatics of the unlockable achievement are asked to thoroughly search the entire game map of Pandora.

Complete list of places to discover in Borderlands 2

If you have taken up the challenge below you will find the complete list of all the places that have a name, divided by area. If you have the opportunity, I recommend that you print the list in order to write down the ones you have already discovered. Many of these you will find them simply by continuing to play, but if in the end there are only a couple of them missing, it would be very useful to know what they are.


Arctic explorer
Discover all the places in Three Horns, Tundra Express e Frostburn Canyon 

Three Horns Divide

    Fishguts Outpost
    Windbreak Camp
    The Drydocks
    Thirty Below
    Snowbound Crossroads

Three Horns Valley

    The Frontsprings
    Split Skull Bay
    Shock Fossil Cavern
    Happy Pig Motel
    Bloodshot Slums

Tundra Express

    Varkid Ranch
    Skittering Mound
    Varkid Ranch Observatory
    Buzzard Academy
    Tiny Tina’s Workshop
    Ripoff Station
    Meltwater Crossing
    Mount Molehill Mine
    Old Man Johnson’s Farm

Frostburn Canyon

    Frozen Ant Lake
    Blacktoe Cavern
    Ashworth Camp
    Blisterpus Camp
    Incinerator Camp
    Firehawk Lair

Urban explorer
Discover all the places in Sanctuary, Opportunity e Lynchwood


    Crimson Raiders HQ
    Marcus Munitions
    Dr. Zeds 24/7 Clinic
    MoXXXi’s Bar


    The Pits
    Residential Quarter
    Orbital Delivery Zone
    Waterfront District
    Opportunity Square
    Living Legend Plaza
    Hyperion Office Complex


    The Grinders
    Death Row Refinery
    The Old Mine
    Main Street
    Gunslinger’s Corner

Highland explorer
Discover all the places of the Highlands, Thousand Cuts e della Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

The Highlands

    Mercury Induction Station
    Isotope Reclaimation Center
    Lake Shining Horizons
    Frothing Creek Mill
    Aggregate Acquisition
    Whispering Riverbed
    Blake Bridge
    Hunter’s Bane
    Old Cranky’s Pond

Thousand Cuts

    Central Core Supply Dock
    Control Core Loading Dock
    Competitor Deferrence Field
    No Man's Land
    Bloody Knuckle Point
    Slab Town
    Broke Face Bridge
    Buzzard Factory

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

    Mordecai House
    Preserve Dockyard
    Observation Wing
    Specimen Maintenance
    Bloodwing’s Enclosure

Ruin Explorer
Discover all the places in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus e Sawtooth Cauldron

Eridium Blight

    Human Dwelling Place
    Bruiseboulder Quarry
    Eridium Extraction Plant
    Infused Grotto
    The Slag Scar
    Grandma’s House
    Stagma Vapour Extraction
    Slagma Refinery
    Mount Hellsfront
    Lover's Leap

Arid Nexus Bonyard

    Eridium Pump Station 1, 2 & 3
    Hyperion Truth Network
    Loader Maintenance Depot
    Transmix Regulator Station

Arid Nexus Badlands

    T.K. Baha’s House
    Hyperion Info Stockyard

Sawtooth Cauldron

    Main Street Reservoir
    Avie’s Camp
    Cramfist’s Foundry
    The Buzzard Nest
    Scalding Remnants
    Sawtooth Stilts
    Smoking Guano Grotto

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