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    Complete list of commands to perform gestures

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    The Elder Scrolls Online: command codes for all gestures [emotes]


    In a game like The Elder Scrolls Online, communication is vital.

    Complete list of commands to perform gestures

    In ESO, you can have your character perform a long series of gestures / expressions / poses / actions by entering a simple line in the command console. These are the "emotes" and they are a good way to communicate with other players, expressing your emotions and moods with gestures, such as recognition, anger, happiness, boredom, and many others.

    You can also blow a kiss, applause, dance, get drunk, laugh, etc, etc.

    Here is the complete list of commands to use to perform all these gestures. At the end of the list I also leave a video where you can see them in action with the relative command. Good fun

    / beg
    / bow
    / clap
    / dance
    / facepalm
    / grats
    / hammerlow
    / hammerwall
    / impatient
    / kiss
    / kneelpray
    / pointback
    / pointdown
    / preen
    / push
    / rubhands
    / hello loop
    / hi loop2
    / shakefist
    / shrug
    / sit
    / sitchair
    / situps
    / stop
    / wave
    / write

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