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Far Cry 4 Lost Letters & Collectible Prayer Wheels Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Other collectibles for Far Cry 4, we find the lost letters and prayer wheels

Complete guide to collectibles

All Far Cry 4 collectibles are marked, with the relative icon, on the game map accessible via the "select" button, but only on condition that you have previously bought the map of the area you are in, available from vendors scattered throughout the game world. There are 4 maps to buy:

  • South Kyrat
  • Mid-Kyrat
  • North Kyrat
  • North-East Kyrats

Of course you can find these collectibles even without them, but with their location marked on the map it will be much easier.

- To unlock the result Exorcist you just need to find 15 of the 35 Masks available (see also Yalung masks guide).
- To unlock the result The past is important you just need to find 10 of the 20 Letters available.
- To unlock the result Rewrite History you just need to find 30 of the 150 posters available (see also the Far Cry 4 propaganda poster guide).
- To unlock the result Divine Tributes you just need to find 10 of the 40 prayer wheels available.

Don't forget to consult the Far Cry 4 cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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