"Complete Arsenal": all weapons

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Guide to ALL South Park unlockable WEAPONS the Stick of Truth


Resources4gaming's ultimate guide to unlocking all weapons, accessories and costumes for South Park the Stick of Truth.

"Complete Arsenal": all weapons

To unlock this achievement, but also to enjoy the huge amount of equipment available in South Park the Stick of Truth, we will have to find or buy a total of 153 objects, of which 66 are weapons (for the costumes, follow the guide to find all the COSTUMES).

Remember that at any time it is possible to go to the game menu and check under the heading "collectibles" which equipment we have already collected and which ones are missing.

While a good part of these objects we will find them by presenguendo in the game and carrying out particular tasks, others can only be purchased from the shops of the city. If you have difficulty finding the necessary funds for your expenses, consult the article with the tricks to earn money.

A follow list with all weapons that you can have in the game, with directions and advice on how and where to find everything. At the end of the list you will also find a video that always shows the location of all weapons and costumes. Good luck...

IMPORTANT: don't forget to consult the South Park the Stick of Truth cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game, such as the guide to all friends, the guide to unlock all the Trophies and many more.

  • Sword of Endings - Kyle's shop
  • Archmage's Wand - negozio Vancouver
  • Ax of Stopping - Cartman's shop
  • Axe of the Underworld - cassa in Jimbo
  • Billy Club - History
  • Stone Hammer - CIA building
  • Canadian Halberd - negozio Ottawa
  • Claymore of the Warrior - Negozio Ottawa
  • Crutch of Weakness - Giggling Donkey
  • Elf Blade - Kyle's shop
  • Kris Dagger - Cartman's shop
  • Fatbeard's Blade - Cartman's shop
  • Fire Sword - Cartman's shop
  • Flamberge Rapier - Winnipeg Shop
  • Gnome Pickaxe - Gnomes underpants level
  • Staff of Winter - Cartman's shop
  • Sweet Katana - Negozio State
  • Lightning Wand - Cartman's shop
  • Longsword - Negozio State
  • Mace of Restoration - School (first visit)
  • ManBearPig Claw - sconfiggi ManBearPig
  • Master Razor - Unplanned Parenthood
  • ManBearPig Club - after rejecting Al Gore's friendship in the secret room
  • Holy Mossad Knife - Negozio Banff
  • Kenny's Bloody Club - Kenny's
  • Noob Hammer - Cartman's shop
  • Alien Probe - Spaceship
  • Raider's Blade - Kyle's shop
  • Rod of Major Boobage - Negozio di Mackey
  • Rod of Waste - Fogne
  • Knead-ring, the Dough Hammer - Girls' hideout shop
  • Holy Hammer of Smiting - Storia
  • Serrated Axe of Rending - Vancouver
  • Dire Scepter - Banff
  • Warrior's Scimitar - Cartman's shop
  • Sickle Sword - Cartman's shop
  • Fairy Princess Blade - Girls' hideout shop
  • Magic Wand - Cartman's shop
  • Rogue's Dagger - Cartman's shop
  • Jewish Staff - Cartman's shop
  • Warrior's Blade - Cartman's shop
  • Vibroblade - inside Mr Slave
  • Club of Smiting - Cartman's shop
  • Alien Ray Gun - Spaceship
  • Bar Darts - missione Skeeter
  • Basketball - School (second visit)
  • Batdadarang - Mackey's shop
  • Battle Bow - Kyle's shop
  • Super Bouncy Ball! - Gnomes underpants level
  • Broken Bottle - Fogne
  • Chakram - Girls' hideout shop
  • Crossbow of Impalement - Jimbo Shop
  • Dodgeball - School (first visit)
  • Grenade of Slowing - Jimbo's chest AFTER his quest
  • Elvish Longbow - Kyle's shop
  • Elvish Shortbow - seminterrato Giggly Donkey
  • Lawn Dart - Clyde Fortress
  • Longbow - Kyle's shop
  • Mongorian Bow - Tower of Peace
  • Poison Grenade - Unplanned Parenthood
  • Recurve Bow - Kyle's shop
  • Discus of Bleeding - Banff
  • Missile of Slowing - missione Kevin Stoleys
  • Fairy Princess Bow - Girls' hideout shop
  • Bow of Sucking - Storia
  • Wooden Crossbow - Negozio Jimbo

Here is the video showing where exactly all the objects are.

If you are having trouble finding something in particular, feel free to ask in the comments or in our forum. We are here to help. I remind you that the guide is also available to find all the COSTUMES.

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