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Seeing the “ has stopped” error, especially after an update, is very common. And when we talk about updates we mean both applications and operating system as when we install a ROM.

Previously we have already talked about a famous error that causes unexpected closing of applications, in this article we will see what happens when the process that manages the graphical interface of the operating system is closed. has been stopped, how to fix

If you see this error, has been stopped, it is because we have changed something on the device, usually due to an installation, an update or configuration, making sure that, the process that manages the graphical interface of the operating system crashes. In this case we are shown the error, has been stopped.

This error needs to be resolved, as this process is vital for the proper functioning of the operating system. In fact, in most cases when we click the OK button, or if we try to restart the process, the error will be shown one more time.

The error will be reported to us because we have made some changes to the operating system (with an app or an update of the operating system usually) that have caused the code that manages the graphical interface to be damaged.

1. Disable Google Updates

Before doing anything else, uninstall the updates for the Google application, the one used for research. The process is as follows:

  • Go to your phone settings and look for the “Applications” section.
  • Find "Google Application" or "Google Search" and enter.
  • Click on “Uninstall updates”.
  • If that doesn't work, try “Clear Data” from the same settings option.
  • In case the error keeps jumping, disable the Google application from the same menu above. error still appears, now what?

Let's assume, unfortunately, that the error still appears. The best way to fix this is to analyze what we did on the device just before this happened.

That is, have you installed an application, for example, a launcher? When these applications try to manage the device interface, they may have caused inconsistencies in it, causing conflicts to end in malfunction.

In this case, the best we can do is uninstall automatically the application that we believe may have caused the conflict. Once this is done, we can try to reinstall it, it could be that during the installation some file of the operating system was damaged.

But if the error still appears, it is possible that said application does not work well on our device, taking into account, among other things, the version of the operating system we have.

Did you touch any system files with root permissions? Many times we have talked about the benefits of being root, and all that it allows us to do. This is its main problem: with root we can do everything. For both good and bad.

For this reason, by mistake we could delete, for example, an odex file (those used by the apps themselves) in an attempt to clean the phone or delete the remains of an app, which the operating system is trying to use. If so, it's always good to be careful when using root.

Another example would be to uninstall apps that are factory installed on the device (thanks to root access), which are also required. Either way, the solution is to fix the apps we uninstalled by re-installing them.

It could be that this error appears after installing a ROM. If so, maybe it is that we forgot something fundamental during the ROM installation: how to clear both the data and the cache.

Another option is to perform a factory reset, which leaves the device as good as new.

Factory resetting the device is more than enough solution to fix the issue, as long as we don't repeat the same steps that led us to the error, after fixing. I remind you that this process deletes all data on the device.

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