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Color your photos in black and white with ColoriseSG and artificial intelligence for free! L'artificial intelligence has infinite uses. One of the most nostalgic and captivating is the coloring of black and white photographs. I'm sure we'll hear a lot about it in the next few years. This technology is starting to take its first steps, but it is already available and we can try it right now.

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The Division of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science of the Singapore government created ColoriseSG, a free online tool that allows you to apply color to black and white photos.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are also suitable for coloring black and white photo, because their learning technique is based precisely on analyzing, comparing and making decisions, this is how it works ColoriseSG.

This technique has already been used on TV. Don't miss the spectacular trailer for Peter Jackson's documentary, The Shall Not Grow Old, in which he restored and colored WWI videos.

When it comes to photo a colors, the process takes place in two stages. The AI ​​takes a photograph and identifies which area of ​​the photo is a face, shirt, door, or guitar. In this the artificial intelligence we use today performs quite well, and the operation is performed quite accurately.

Once the elements of a photo have been identified, the most complicated moment arrives: coloring it. With the tone of whites and blacks in an image, artificial intelligence can sense certain colors. If there is a black tone, then surely the original color will be black, blue or brown, and if there is a light one, it can be light blue, yellow, etc. But it is impossible to know for sure.

Therefore, the software used to color the photos specializes in very specific topics. For example, if you want to colorize WWI photographs, the AI ​​is trained with actual color photos or drawings from that period. If the AI ​​detects a man in a uniform and an English helmet it knows that it is a British soldier, and therefore that uniform will have a very specific green, and it will choose the real color with a high probability.

With ColoriseSGthe free online tool to color black and white photos, the same thing happens. Nothing stops us from trying it out with our black and white photos and seeing what happens, if only for fun.

To do this you just have to go to the ColoriseSG website and click on Try it yourself…

Upload a black and white photo to the web and color it automatically. You can also download the colored version.

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