"Collector" Objective / Trophy Guide

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The Evil Within Collectibles Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's go and collect them all!

"Collector" Objective / Trophy Guide

In The Evil Within ci sono 106 collectible items and we will have to collect them all to unlock the "Collector" achievement. Precisely there are:
- 16 personal documents
- 16 documents
- 28 map fragments
- 21 newspapers
- 15 missing persons posters
- 10 audio tapes

At any time it will be possible to check in the Archive (accessible from the pause menu) how many we have collected and how many are missing. In case you have skipped any object don't worry, you can always recover it using the "Select chapter" option or by replaying in New Game + mode (be careful, because if instead of replaying in NP +, you start the game all over again, all the progress on the collected collectibles will be reset).

Below I propose several youtube playlists that contain a video for each chapter of the game, where it is shown where all the collectibles are located. You choose which one to follow!

Don't forget to check out The Evil Within cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game. Here are the videos

Collectible Item Guide (by XCVii1r)

Collectibles Guide (by Gaming Since Gaming)

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