COD Extinction tricks: guide to hypnotize aliens

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Call of Duty Ghosts cheats: how to hypnotize an alien in Extinction


Did you know that it is possible to hypnotize an alien of the Extinction mode of Call of Duty Ghosts so that this one follows you wagging its tail like a poodle and attacking the other aliens to defend you?

COD Extinction tricks: guide to hypnotize aliens

This is a trick you can use in Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode. Keep opening the supply crates scattered throughout the game map until you find a Hypno dagger. One can be found, for example, on the balcony of Motel Gil's Lodge, but of course there are several others in other locations.

Now all you have to do is choose a nice big alien (like the "Rhino" or "Scorpion" species) and hit it with this dagger when it is right in front of you. If the blow is successful, you will transform the extraterrestrial into your precious ally who will follow you everywhere and protect you from the attacks of other aliens until death takes him away. Here is a video that shows it all

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